Thursday, January 7, 2010


wow---I really did get alot done today and I will show you in a minute----BUT first I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that the little kitty did get adopted shortly after I learned about her---a lucky 13 year old girl finally convinced her dad to let her have a kitty---I think kitty has a good loving home by the sounds of things!!! 

My BIGGEST fear in getting a cat is that I have several houseplants and they are kinda like my babies---and Most cats love house plants---soooooo????????  I even picked up a cute little northern pine at Walmart after Chmas for $4.50--have always wanted one!!!

OK let's get to the "good" stuff---quilting!!!
After going and seeing Mary for a little while I came home and started right in--

Mr Snowman got finished--a pretty blue border and backing and he is now a cute pillow for one of my rocking chairs----

I had gotten December's Tisket/tasket done--but then I realized I forgot to add the 2 loops at the top to hang it on the bar with--so that got done--

Binding got made for this top and was sewed on by the machine and then I did the hand stitching on the binding so it is now finished---

AND I got the Chmas Wish quilt top basted today--even though there are other things I would rather do than baste these tops--I do enjoy it and while I am basting the tops it gives me time to really study the patterns and blocks and then I can come up with how to actually quilt it---after supper tonight I did get the row showing here quilted -- I am doing a quilt stitch around the out side of each letter on each word--when they are done I already know what else I will do with this one!!!

Got another package-- this one came by way of the Ups truck--and the guy actually brought it on time this time--Thank you Mr. UPS man!!!! was having a sale--and if you order $35 worth you get free shipping--I was able to order the $35 worth and then got the discount so these 10 one yard cuts cost me $26--Now that is only $2.60 per yard and these are quilt shop--designer fabrics--and I love every one of them--the amazing part is only the first three on the right came from the same line--the others are odds and ends--yet I discovered that some of them go together and I know that some will go with some I already have on hand--NOT BAD!!!!!

I plan on spending the day with my new friend tomorrow--Madeline--will let you know tomorrow how we made out and if we are still friends?????

WANT "sweet" dreams tonight---researchers found eating 1 oz. of cheese 30 minutes before bed leads to happier dreams!! ( credit likely goes to cheese's supply of tryptophan, an amino acid that you brain converts into the 'feel-good' hormone serotonin!
Yep--I will eat my 1 oz. of cheese tonight and then just think of all the sales on fabrics and all the projects I can dream about---now that's sweet dreaming!!!

OKAY--back to work--break time is over----
Hugs, Di & Co.


  1. That kitty is so darn cute!

    And I love all the quilt photos, you are one busy lady!


  2. No wonder I'm a cheeseaholic! I like your December basket. And your snowman and, and ...
    hope you had a nice day with your new friend.
    Oh, I'm relieved kitty found a home.

  3. You've been very busy! Everything looks great.

  4. Yep, you have been very busy. You are on your way to outdoing last years finishes. I love them all.

  5. So many wonderful show and shares here...busy gal!!


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