Friday, January 15, 2010


I had a busy day today---

First thing a girl-friend picked me up and took me to the Library---(not sure why--I get books--then don't get them read--I even get a couple movies--then don't watch them---WHY--can't put down the "needles" long enough!!!!!!!!!)

Anyways while I was in there another lady came in and announced that it was "National Hat Day"---I just smiled to myself and said "yes I did know that"--(and alot of my blog friends now know too!!!)

Got home in time to go see Mary and fix her her tea---and get some "laughs" from the Matlock show!!!!

Now for the "rest" of the day---

got the first block finished for the new Snowbound--bom from Bunny Hill designs--love that cupcake!!!!

The night before last I had gotten this block done--

It is the new bom from Jenny's site--WELL---when I got up in the morning, and looked at it some more I decided the flower vase had to go--AS-- it did not go with the rest of the picture!!!!

Here is the new vase---I do like this better---what about you????????

Back to to day---after Mary's I worked on this block which is part of one of my Challenge goals for January--I now need to finish with the batting and backing and binding and then add some button details--but the embroidery is all done---While I was in the middle of this -- I did go to the workroom and worked---went through the UFO's and decided that some I would just never finish so I tucked them in a bag for my quilt friend Anne--she uses all my odd and end blocks in some of her quilts--traced off another embroidery for one of this year's bom--and got the rest of last years and this years bom's organized--(now I won't be able to find a thing?????)
Thought I was all done--only when I walked out into the dinning room--there was all the NEWER fabrics that still need to find a home for in my workroom---tomorrow---I will have more time tomorrow to deal with them--RIGHT?????

NOW--on to our "appreciation of winter"--

What kind of cakes do snowmen like????

the kind with lots of "frosting"!!!!!

this week end if you are near any snow--make a snowman--even if it is a little one and then get on the computer and find a new friend in blog land--
BUT please don't forget us OLD friends!!!!!   No snow--then stitch a snowman--that is a safe craft!!!!



  1. You've been very busy! Great job on getting things done!!

    I do like the darker flower vase. I though the original was sweet until I scrolled down and saw the new version. Much better.

  2. Oh wow! You are on a roll! I love all your blocks..... must go to Bunny Hill and see the new bom :)

  3. I love your Patch Abilities project. They're so cute, and work up so fast. You've been very busy.

  4. You're MY new blog friend. All the blogger friend are new to me because I've never met anyone from blogland before....LOL

    Looks like you got some serious stitching done - guess that "C" stuff went by the wayside.

  5. Good grief, woman! I saved the chair embroidery but haven't even printed it out yet! Guess I'd better put my bird cage project down and get started on the chair!


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