Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Mary's daughter found a small kitten by her car when she went home Sunday night--so she put her in her car and stopped by the grocery store and got supplies and took it home to keep it warm until she could find it a home---WELL--I did think about it---and I know I would really like one--but not sure I want to "do" the kitten thing or to give an older cat a home--I can not seem to get my "right-brain" and my "Left brain" to come to the same agreement--one side wants a "kitty" the other side thinks of all kinds of reason "why I shouldn't get one"!!!!!


couple of my orders came in today--this one was from Sweet Peas and Angels--

these fabrics are from "Petite Maison" by Anne Sutton--love them!!! and plan to get a couple more of these as I know which BOM I am going to use this line for??

this line is called "Miss Emmas garden" and is also by Anne Sutton and this is the second batch in this line I have gotten--have NO idea yet which one of my "few" patterns I have collected I will use these on???

My Pattern order from Fat Quarter shop came in to---and "Madeline" is now here and I did work on which charm pack set I wanted to use for it and am now excited about getting it started--unfortunately I am not sure where on the "TO-DO" list Madeline is??????????????????

Little Sister and I went over town shopping to day--and of course we had to go to the Quilt shop--got these two pieces on her "buy one-get one" the one on the left is from the Flag farm collection and as I have most of this in a charm pack yet--I got some for "whatever" I should make with them!!!??????

And by the way -- I did try to cook this afternoon---BUT---everytime I think I have all the ingredients---something is either missing or I discover some of the products are "outdated"--ouch---as was the story today---I am sure that one of these days I will-------------??????????


I got the First Friday Freebie all stitched and I even decided on the fabric to finish it with---It is also on the "to-list"---
I got another baby hat knitted in blue today---!!
I went shopping at the Country shop today as she is having a sale and then will close on Saturday and not open til April---BOOO!!!  But those goodies are shown over on my Di's workbasket site--so pop over there and have a looky see!!!!

   What's a fish's favorite game show?????

ANSWER: "Name that Tuna"      !!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and take a break and eat some chocolate and think of me!!!!
Hugs, Di & Co.


  1. Love your little BOM. Those snowmen really tempted me, but I'm really trying not to start anything new until I finish up projects already underway. So I can watch you and see how cute they are!!

  2. I love all the goodies you got in the mail today. They all look wonderful. I love your snowman stitchery. It looks great. I have to make that one too. I didn't work on anything today. I worked evenings tonight, and haven't been sleeping that well. So, I'm just relaxing and will wait until the weekend to do more stitching.

  3. Those fabrics are gorgeous! I know what you mean about a kitty. We don't have any animals right now and as much as I love them I also enjoy not feeding them and taking care of something. Sounds selfish though, doesn't it?

  4. You have been very busy! I have been picking up an extra Schnibble or two each month now also. I figure since they are so much fun I may as well get them all lol

    Love the snowman. He looks great in blue.

    Such a cute little lady you have there. I can understand the debate going on in your head. Kitties are fun but hard work. She is so adorable in the tissue box though...

  5. I understand about animals, it's a BIG decision no matter how small, cute and precious they are. We have three Weimaraners and I wouldn't change it now that we have them but I'll only ever want two dogs when our oldest passes. We never planned on three- one of those things that "just happened". BUT - did I say how much I love them?

    What fun, pretty purchases, Di. And looks to me, that you're well on your way to becoming addicted to Schnibbles - THREE of Carrie's patterns already. LOL I just love the size and ease of these patterns she comes up with. I have to quilt my Madeline yet and bind it and then she'll be done. I might be able to get to that this weekend. But, at worst case, I'll do it next week when hubby travels.


  6. You have been very busy! Your snowman is adorable and all of your fabrics are yummy! So how many things are on your "To Do" list now?
    The kitten is adorable, I would have been lost the first second I saw him! Nice older,CALM cats make great companions though. Decisions, decisions, decisions. In the mean time the pile of patterns will keep you quite busy.

  7. How could you resist? Kittens are sooo cute!
    The fabrics are lovely, Di. I feel the need for some shopping....

  8. What a sweet kitten. I had one that looked identical to it when I was a teenager; her name was Mimi.

    I'm so glad Mary's daughter took her home and didn't leave her there (some people would have).


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