Thursday, January 21, 2010


IT seems I had a detour today--after I came back from Mary's place--my plan had "originally" been to sew!!!!
But in the mean time, our housekeeper stopped by and I had her lift down the empty white tree box and the snowmen tote box--I had planned to put away the blue tree today--ONLY--but my plan got out of control???????

I had just finished putting the blue tree away and I noticed a couple Christmas things I forgotten to put away that was on top of my Hoosier so got the stool out and got up there to get them down and as I had planned on changing the items I had up there, I took everything down and guess who shows up about this time--Yep--little sister--I said to her--I have wondered how my blue ware would look up here--well--to make a long story short--we did it--and therefore I also packed away all the snowmen/winter things too--so here is the top now--

I think it came out really nice--now I have to redecorate the "rest" of the Hoosier!!!!
After we had some lunch--she left--did I go to the sewing room---NO---I ended up in the rocking chair and had planned to do some hand quilting--but I kept seeing baskets, bears, and plants and I had the bears and baskets on the dinning room table and I was needing the table for the Valentine sew-in--SOOOO-me got up and I decided to clean the front window area of the living room---

Where oh Where does "she" want me to put these???????

Hung this back up--had taken it down for the Christmas tree--


The above picture shows what this area looked like this morning--before the "c" word!!!!

Then I sat up my antique ironing board to hold some of my plants--and I used my bears and baskets to put with the plants--and yes there is a string of clear lights wound in the plants--it's a nice "sparkle" there!!!

So now I have taken care of a big "problem" what to do with my bears and the baskets--and hopefully the plants will love all their new friends and the sunshine!!!!

And now you can see the top of the dinning room table and it is mostly bare---YES!!!!!

If you would like to read about our future with lightbulbs visit this site---PLEASE-- could not believe it--yet I know it is true---let me know what you think?????

So now it is a good thing that I am in the Valentine sew in--I need some things to add to my decor and for the table!!!!!

Hugs, Di & co.


  1. I love, LOVE!! your blue on the Hoosier. The flow blue piece is to swoon for.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Such lovely antiques! You have a wonderful flair for decorating. I, too, need some Valentine additions. Have a lovely Friday.

  3. yay, I can comment again. Wonderful hubby fixed it for me.
    I LOVE your blues on top of the cupboard, and the gorgeous plant and teddy stand :) I'm sure they will all be happy together.
    As for lightbulbs... it is already against the law to have any bulbs but those ones. Interesting, isn't it.....Big Brother and all that... I didn't know they were dangerous though. Someone said we would get fined if we used any of the old ones.
    Thanks for the tips on kitty feeding :) You are very experienced! Thank goodness I only have one - 8 would drive me nuts!!

  4. Hello Di, My best friend is named Di but we call her Muff. I love,love all the little settings and I love,love that chicken wall hanging. It is so cute and the blueware is divine,, thanks for visiting and being a follower,,I really appreciate it..


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