Wednesday, January 20, 2010


OKAY---got all comfy --- here goes====

FIRST---I am so excited I did get some finishes done today---YES!!!

Remember I got this one done last year--it is a series of 12 months--but they are grouped in groups of three for each of the four seasons--so one of my CGQC goals was to get the other 2 winter ones done and here they are--oh--I did add another button to this one--the little bunny down by the sled--the skate button came with the pattern--

Let's see--only the one holly button did I use with this one--there was gift buttons, but I felt they were too Christmasy for winter--I also added the cat button and found the burgundy snowflake buttons in my stash for the birdhouse--

Here I used the second holly button on the snowman's head as it looked "bare"--the nose is a carrot button they sent me along with the two mitten buttons and I added the little red bird button---And this is how you display the set of  three!!!!

Can you tell it is a 3 sided wire display--it is soooo cute--the next three are spring scenes!!!!

Then I am also doing the Sentimental Journey(see button on side bar) and it goes for 12 months and is a saying--and you actually finish each block--sort of--so I plan to display each month's till I get the next months done--

HOPE--you can read it---the trim on the bottom I got from Bunny Hill and was looking for a project to use it on and the ribbon at the top came wrapped around one of my bundles of fabrics I ordered (did not use all of it--so have some of both actually to use on more) and I found the keys in my novelty button box--it is also really cute!!!

And here is a group picture of the other three bom's for 2010 I am doing!!!

And I forgot to tell and show you that when I was doing Jenny's block I wanted something with a faint design but not real dark--found this fabric--in my stash--and went to use it--but thought it was even alittle darker that I wanted--so I just used the back side for the front and it is just right for these I do believe--can you see the difference??????

OK--you "deleted" my mail clipart file????
Anyways--I got some Mail--or rather another package--


RULE #1--- IF you need to order batting online and the company has fabric also--one MUST also order some fabric!!!!!   RIGHT?????

Three more pieces of Christmas prints---I had no Poinsettias prints this year--so this was a "must-need"!!!!

AH--I really think these will make really "nice" additions to my stash!!!

I love the colors in this and have some ideas on how to use this one--but I should of probably gotten a yard instead of a half-yard!!!

I love these phones and the other one will go with alot already in my stash--right??

And who can resist "butterflies"--now I just need to train them to stay at home!!!

Are we done yet---none--better warm up the "cuppa"!!!


FINALLY they have a day when I can I be appreciated for being sooo "squirrely"!!!!
SO on your way home or way to work stop and pickup some unsalted peanuts in the shell and show a squirrel you appreciate him/her for cleaning up all the nuts that fell from your trees last year!!!!

Before I moved here--in my last place I had a pet squirrel named "Charley"--he was soo funny---I had an enclosed back porch (which I miss terribly) and in the screen door near the handle was a hole---Charley would come up the outside of the door frame to the hole and I would pass him a peanut---if it had been awhile and he decided it was time for a treat--he would come up the door frame and rattle the door handle to let me know he wanted a peanut---I could also call him and he would come to the "hole" for his peanut--I miss Charley---I am still wondering though WHO dug up all 50 crocus bulbs and took off with them??????? Surely it wasn't my "friend" Charley==must of been one of the other "zillion" squirrels that lived there!!!!

WELL---I have talked enough for one night---SOOOO



  1. I really enjoyed your post today! I love all the projects you have been working on too! Very, very adorable:)
    I really need to get back into my sewing room but I've been a little down in the dumps. My sewing room looks like a train came through it too so that is bugging me right now. Need to work on that.
    Anyway, enjoy that new fabric you purchased!

  2. Love the winter trio. They are sooooo cute and the display rack is perfect. I think you are working even faster than last year. We had a pet squirrel and a pigeon when I used to work at Haagen-Dazs. Shhhh-don't tell the health inspector. L,A-

  3. Love the Winter trio scene! Yummy fabric too :)

  4. Poor Charley, probably misses you too and all those goodies he used to get.

    Okay - do I dare say "you're accomplised" today? WOW - you are on a roll to get things done and you keep on rolling.

    Happy CHARLEY (squirrel) Day!

  5. I love what you've been working on! Wish I could get the creative bug going again. And especially love your squirrel story. How heartwarming!

  6. The winter scenes are smashing! And lovely new fabrics,Di. I do enjoy your posts:) Hugs!

  7. That was so uplifting. thanks for the laughs.. Have a great weekend and don't you just love Jenny's art.. I am new to blog world so come visit me sometime at

  8. Hi Di!
    I'm so glad you are following along on this Sentimental Journey! Your block is beautiful! February I'll be letting everyone know what we're making cause I just can't wait till December! I get so excited!
    I've added your wonderful blog to my blogroll and look forward to visiting with you!
    your friend,


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