Monday, January 4, 2010


I have decided to join the Charming Girls club over on Kelly's site for this year--I find it does help me to get some "goals" in finishing my projects----so here is my "TO DO" List for January--

1.Make the next two blocks to the Patch Abilities block so I can hang them on the cute rack and enjoy them!!!

2.Sew and Hand quilt this month's Schnibbles pattern--Madeline!!!!

3.And baste and hand quilt "Christmas Wishes" bom of the month from last year!!!

NOW  we know I have alot more I could and should put on this list--but I do have some other projects I would like to do this month--like --- are you really going to make me say "THAT" word-----housecleaning!!!!!  and I want to play with my new mixer--so there will be some baking---hopefully---

Plus I am adding up my "Unfinished" projects---I did count my quilt tops today--- total==16==Now these are tops that are all put together---they need batting, backing, basting and hand quilting---OUCH---they run in size from a large wall hanging to twin size for the bed--and some have been waiting their turn for a couple---ok--a few years now---but I am hoping to get a good start on them this year----HEY--stop laughing at me----I just might "surprise" you ( and it would be a surprise to me too!!!)    Now I have lots more projects that are in different stages of completion--I have yet to count them------?????????????
So Charming gals here I COME---!!!!!!

And here is some  pictures of other things I have made in the past--

I used to do alot of counted cross stitch--BEFORE-- the quilting "bug" hit---have only done a couple small things since!!!

This next one took 3-4 years of working at it off-on to complete--but I am so glad I kept picking it up---

Can you tell I like snowmen this time of year?????


I was shopping in the Christmas clearance aisles and I seen this man picking up 5-6 boxes of the regular glass ornaments--and I said to him--"ah--getting ready for next year ??"  He looked at me with a smug smile and said--"NO--we take these and hang them on a rope and hang them up high so they move back and forth and then we shot them with bow and arrows!!!!"----Wished you had been there to see my face and that of another customer--you could of knocked us over with--
feather!!!!!!   Later after I got home I realized that "these" men are probably doing this out in the back field or woods--and these ornaments are "SHARP' edgy pieces when they break--do you think they clean this mess up----NO NO NO---that means the poor little animals running around stand a good chance of getting cut feet---How mean--just so 'big boys" can play????
SORRY---this just did not make me a happy camper---thanks for listening!!

OH I also got some groceries---so I can eat now and keep up my energy for quilting -- that's good thing--right????
And talking about Wal-mart---have you noticed that nearly every food aisle now has "Great value" labels on the food---are they only going to carry their own food products in the future---hope not---that's a scary thought?????

Take care---keep stitching---Hugs, Di&co.



  1. Welcome to the club! I look forward to seeing your complete projects!

  2. Welcome I love the story on the glass balls I can imagine you face. That man needs a new hobby something creative not destructive.

  3. Di, I think you're charming - no matter. You always brighten my day when I come over for a visit.

    You're a special blessing.... I mean a special "charm".

  4. Good luck with all the new projects. I don't feel so bad now about all the tops that I have that need basting and quilting and all the half put together things and all the BOMs that need to be finished. I love all of your snowmen. Maybe Walmart man should shoot his arrows barefooted and maybe he would clean up after himself. L,A-

  5. I think Kelly at Charming Quilts club is so sweet. I hope you enjoy your adventure. Looks like great projects.

  6. I love your patch abilities block. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Your Christmas Wish quilt looks wonderful. I love how you sashed the blocks. I worked today, then this evening I started taking apart a quilt top I made last year. I hated it, and just couldn't make myself work on it. But I paid a lot of money for the fabric. So I'm taking it apart the blocks and I'm going to set them differently. I hope to get quite a bit of work done on it this week. I do work all week, but I will do my best. Talk to you tomorrow. Hugs Ariane

  7. looking forward to seeing your finished project, all the best for this year. Happy Blogging

  8. Hello! Let's put up a wanted poster for that idiot! That bloke! I see you are already busy and buzzing! Good girl! Hugs,

  9. I thought about joining the charming club but then thought better about it. It felt like too much pressure for me lol. I like to flit from project to project and I don't usually know what I will finish each month.

    I thought you were going to tell us the man at Walmart was going to do some crazy crafting lol. Geesh! Those poor little critters!


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