Saturday, January 2, 2010


SOME HOW I missed posting yesterday--even though I was on the computer a couple times--not a great way to start off a New year!!!!!!!

BUT guess "how" I saw the New Year in ?????  Yep, I was on the Internet ordering some supplies (OK--more fabric!!!!!)

I did get the newest BOM pattern prepared to start from It is a 6 month one and has applique and embroidery to it--so pop over and check it out---and I did get some of it started!!!!

Then I got the First Friday Freebie of a snowman all traced to stitch and another snowman embroidery work one all traced--so I started the new year off --okay!!

OH and I spent New Year's eve day finishing up a knitting project--I had started this shawl months ago---

I did it for my rocker mostly as sometimes I need something behind my neck and to wrap around my shoulders!!!

Today a girl-friend "kidnapped" me and we went to town and did some shopping--I needed a bag of the walnut crushed shells for pin cushions--stopped at Staples to turn in some ink cartridges for credit on there recycle plan (you get $3.00 credit for each one and I turned in 6 today!!!) Stopped at K-mart and I picked up 3 dish towels--then we went to Wendy's for lunch--after lunch we stopped at a Quilt shop and this is what I got--

The Christmas cardinals were on sale --got 1 3/8 yds as it was what was left on the bolt--got 2 fat quarters of civil war prints, and 1/2 yd of a civil war print and 1 1/2 yards of the light beige fabric for backgrounds for applique most likely!!!  Then we went to JoAnn's and this is the goodies I got there--

got the two layer plastic box--buttons were on for 1/2 price so got some of them and I found about 6-7 cute small trims on sale and I have a couple projects coming up that I may need them for---then we got another 10% off the total order--so it was a good day for some traveling and sales!!!!!!


I do feel I need to share some "sad" news though--Yesterday in the morning we learned that one of our residents here was killed in a car accident up near Marthra's Vineyard  she was on the way to visit with her daughter--so one just never knows does one--so be sure to tell your loved ones every day that you love them--even if you are "mad or upset" with them--OK????


we are having a real cold spell here--our wind chill factor is about 15 below zero out by mornings ----- COLD!!!!!

Hugs from--Di


  1. Brrr. That's some cold weather! We finally have a cold snap down here in Florida. It's been in the low 40's with lots of cold wind. I know that's not cold for most places but for us thin blooded Floridians it's time to bundle up lol.

    Love your shawl. Sometimes you just need a little something on your shoulders to keep you warm.

  2. so sad for your neighbor, pass on my condolences. Loved your shopping spree, some cool bargains there, Way to cold for me, brrrrr... loved your wrap, very nice indeed. Happy New Year to you and all the best on the BOTM sounds great!

  3. Sorry to here about your friend. I want to wish you a happy New Year!! I love the shawl. It is very nice. I can`t knit. I wish I could. Love the fabric you bought. So nice.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor, Di. you are so right, one never knows. And with both our son and son-in-law in law enforcement, I DOUBLE that statement.

    On to a brighter subject - looks like your New Year started out with a bang...woohoo!! What great purchases you found. Now that's the way to be kidnapped....LOL

  5. Love the fabrics you bought. I actually have one of them myself. The shawl looks like a great project. There are many times that I just need something around my shoulders. I may have to try making one. I'm so sorry to her about the tragic accident. My condolences to her family.


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