Monday, January 11, 2010


OH---GOODIE--it was just little sister this time--how she knows when I need her is beyond me--but I am in a "pickle" here----

SHE found me in the quilt room--alright--but I was not quilting--again---as I discovered my quilt room really needed to be organized some more (or once again!!!)---(this will probably involve the "c" word--but don't tell!!!!!)

So we looked at things--hauled out alot from the closet--

Looked at the plastic bins on wheels and measured and measured and looked at this idea and that idea---I had gotten another narrower 3-drawer bin on the first of the month knowing I needed more storage --- and we had a ride to Walmart for later in the day--so I needed to know if I needed to take this one back and get the wider ones or what---in the end we decided I would keep the new one and get at least one more same size--and maybe couple more first of next month--if needed!!!

this is the hutch--one shelf is alot of my charm packs--the rest is all Christmas fabrics--

cutting table doesn't look too bad--in "this" picture--but it got worse!!!!

and here is my sewing area and the ironing board---the things on the ironing board are my old quilt pieces that are years old and done by other family members (my mom's aunt-) or ones I have picked up at yard sales--you see yesterday I needed the basket they were in for the kitchen--
See here--

It is an old picnic basket and it now holds my metal mixing bowls and my larger measuring cups!!  Since this picture I did tuck the cook books down in the cupboard under the counter--but still very easy to get too---WHEN THE BAKING MOOD HITS--!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is the NEW mixer that created all this "c" stuff to begin with!!!!  NOW I just have to get around and use it---Wonder what the Quilt Police will have to say about the "b" word--I know--I can use a "b" word to get out of that fix??????

So do you like todays pictures?????????
I do know this is how I feel tonight--

Did someone say today WAS Monday---where did it go??????

Hugs, Di & Co.


  1. Love those pictures! I know just how easy it is to get disorganized. All the best, Once it is done do take pictures so that you can have a reference on how you would like it in the future, it all helps!

  2. and I really love your blog...those pictures are so much like my quilting/sewing/crafting space! lol...

  3. Are you allowed to do this on a Monday? Not violating parole and getting into more trouble? I think I have some similar piles of fabric ... maybe I'll find treasure?

  4. It all looks so nice. If the quilt police bug you again, just send them to me and tell them I need to sentenced to several days of none stop sewing. Plea bargain. Besides don't they like cookies almost as much as doughnuts? I love your cow curtains and your new mixer. L,A-

  5. Just think about all the creativity that will come because everything is all clean and organized.

  6. And POOF, it's Tuesday morning....LOL

    Have you had your coffee yet?

  7. I'm with you on winter, Di! I would enjoy it while I could :) I am pretending it is winter here as I have the air turned on :) It makes me want to sew!


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