Saturday, January 9, 2010


I was just "working" away in the kitchen when I had another "KNOCK" on the door and when I answered it "HE" was on the other side---

Officer--may I help you???

Is this where DI&Co. lives???


Well--it has been brought to the "QUILT POLICES" attention--that you are not "quilting or sewing" today -- is this true???

AH--Yes-- SIR---I AM  GUILTY!!

I thought you Officer's only came to inspect how accurately we cut, measure, stitch--etc???

NO MADAM--we also are called out when a Normally faithful Quilter is not quilting to see "why" she isn't fulfilling her duty!!!

I hear you are engaged in doing some of the "c" words today--instead???

AH--Yes--Sir-- I AM GUILTY!!
I have washed two loads of clothes today so that I have something  "clean" to wear next week---
I am cleaning the kitchen and moving some things around--but I got side-traced and gave my stove a "big" cleaning---but I did clean out the freezer and the fridge--and took the garbage out---and I dumped the "junk" drawer out on the counter so I can sort that and put things where they really belong!!!
I mixed up a meat loaf--and fixed some sweet potatoes and red potatoes to bake in the oven with the meat loaf!!!

Well--Di& Co--you have plead "guilty" to several "crimes" here today---so I do believe you should appear before a Judge and a jury!!

Yep---tomorrow night is your appearance date--So come with me-- and then we will see what you have to say for yourself!!!!

OH----MY----I think I am in trouble here?????

to be continued!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di&Co.


  1. Oh my! I will have to come back for the next installment! :) On the other hand, you REALLY got a LOT of other things accomplished today - I could take a lesson from you! -Tammy

  2. Hey you are not the only one that has been cleaning and cooking! Tell him you are not alone. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. This is so cute.

  3. You are sooooooooo silly!!! You did work very hard today. I hope the judge lets you off with a warning since you got so much done with Maddy yesterday. I will check back tomorrow to make sure you aren't in jail or anything. Hee hee!

  4. Maybe the judge will just let you off to do some community service. That way you don't end up in the quilt jail. Maybe you can just use the excuse that you needed more room for your quilting. You did do a lot of work today. You are going to need a day off now. I'll check back tomorrow to make sure you made bail. LOL!!!

  5. Plead temporary insanity lol.

    Let them know if you clean today then you can quilt for 7 days. That's how it works right?

  6. If I were you, I'd start quilting immediately so you have something to bribe the judge with.

    I'll be back.............

  7. Well I'm glad to know you get out of your quilting chair once in a while! ha ha

  8. You really need to put all your 'funnies' in book form!!!
    I sure hope you get off light this time...;-)
    Bad gal doing all that other stuff...haha!!


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