Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can not "believe" it -----it actually did this DURING THE DAY----
AND I got to sit and watch it come down---it was so delightful--
There for a minute I thought I had been "transported" to a winter wonderland!!!
Oh Happy Day!!!
Look at the size of those "flakes"????  they were sooo large and soft and COLD!!!!
OK Di--this is a  Quilting channel--not the weather channel----

I did work all day on projects--but none are finished for pictures yet--
"Maddy" is almost all hand quilted--just one side and a little of the other one and it will be ready for binding--
My two goals for this month for the OPAM is to make --
1. snowmen in Pj's from the Tilda book---I got 3 cut out and the bodies sewed together--but the "stuffer" lady hasn't showed up yet????  also got the 3 pairs of Pj's cut out for them
2. New Purse--I have this basically figured out and some of the pieces are ready to sew together

I still need to finish knitting one more baby hat for the hospital on my commitment of 4 per month
JANUARY 29th---Friday -- is PUZZLE DAY!!!!

No NO it is not a day to try to Puzzle out family members and figure out how they tick!!!!!
NO NO it is not a day to try and figure out how the computer works--cause in that case--there is always some "pieces" missing????
NOW we are talking---it is just simply putting together a "puzzle"--so pull one out and get started---I love putting puzzles together--only thing is that is all I do until it is finished---maybe I will have more time next month to put one together!!!!!

Just--inside--Di & co.


  1. Hi! It is cold here today too. We got a little bit of snow again to remind us that it is still january. I love the little bows you put on your christmas wish quilt you shared yesterday. So cute!!! I did get some sewing done today. No pics to share yet. I have to do that still. Take care! Hugs! Ariane

  2. Brrrr...I knew the "nice" weather couldn't last too much longer. Good reason to stay inside and sew.

    I have a purse on my to do list too. I was gifted a beautiful piece of black and white fabric that is just calling out to be a purse for me.

    We love puzzles at our house. My daughter (18) always has one set up in her room. She likes the panoramic city scenes. I like the country and sea ones.

    I have a puzzle quilt on my to do list too. That want to do list just keeps getting longer and right now nothing is being crossed off.

  3. Puzzle Day is way too tempting. I have one sitting here of a cute little town, complete with quilt shop. It is sitting next to the pile of books that need to be read.

  4. Hi, My name is Elaine and I am new to blogging.
    I enjoyed your blogs, but even more that you hate housework. Me too, I rather be quilting etc. Have a great weekend!


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