Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well---Di &co now find themselves sitting in a court room---and let me tell you we are VERY worried!!!

The Judge asks Mr. Quilt Policeman what the charges are "against" me????

Well--Judge it's like this--
Di&co. was not quilting over the week-end---in stead we found her doing the "c" words---like cleaning clothes = cleaning out the refrigerator and stove = cleaning out junk drawers = cleaning out cupboards = ETC---!!!!

Yes, I can see that here in the report--Mr. Quilt Police---you may sit down now.

Di&co. have you hired an attorney??

YES--your honor I have--I had to bring an old friend out of "Hiding" to represent me!!
AND who may I ask is that????

Miss Perkins--Your Honor--

Well -- has is she prepared you case?
Yes--Your Honor--

She worked on it all afternoon--

And what where you doing --while she was doing this??

AH---I was still working on "C"  in the kitchen--your Honor!

I thought that the "c" plan was also to include your "quilt" room--Miss Di??

AH--yes--Your Honor--that had been the plan on Friday--but you see it took me alot longer to do the kitchen than I planned!

SO--Miss Di--that means you spent the not one day--BUT -- two days in the kitchen--am I correct?

AH--Yes--your Honor!!

SO now we are even more behind on the "c" word and on your quilt projects??

Miss Perkins --what have you prepared to state to defend your client??

YES--Your Honor--Jury--

Miss Di&co. works hard on all her quilting commitments--but---she really needed to do the "c" word--and in the process she has a nice shinny stove--her counter top got cleared off and now holds the new mixer--large canister of flour, one of organic sugar--she brought out an old picnic basket and put her mixing bowls and the larger measuring cups in it--so they would be easy to get two--and she no longer has a junk drawer--she is using it for her baking soda-powder--some spices and her measuring spoons and cups--and all the rest of the cupboards are cleaned and organized as well--

WELL--Miss Perkins--all well and fine--but we will have to let the Jury decide on this issue--

Jury's in--Your Honor!

WE the Jury find the defendant--Guilty--Your Honor--a clean home and clothes are nice---but we still decided that considering her commitments and UFO's--she should of been quilting!!

  STOP---Your Honor--the first Police officer--forgot to mention that Miss Di&co. saved some lives on Saturday while doing the "c" work in her kitchen??

And Officer who were they??
She saved the lives of 3 nice sweet potatoes and 5 small red potatoes and the ground turkey that was in the refrigerator!!

I will take that into consideration--

WAIT--she did one more thing--on her breaks and while she had to sit and wait for the washer to run she managed to knit another baby hat for the Hospital!!

OK--Officer--you may sit down now.

Miss Di & Co. please stand while I pass sentencing!! 

I hear by sentence you to doing the "c" word every week end during the month of January 2010--seeing how you seem to "like" doing it so much--now you must do the rest of your home--so that  it shines like your "stove"--and during your breaks you will knit more baby hats--IS THIS CLEAR!!!!!!??????
But Your Honor that is alot of work at my place this time of year--I really don't know if I can handle all of that much of the "C" word!!!!

That my "sentence" Miss Di & may go now--and take that lawyer with you!!

Well--you can see I won't be opening my "door" on the week ends anymore---OUCH----I HATE THE "C" WORD AND NOW TO HAVE TO DO IT EVERY WEEK END!!!!
Wait--that does mean that I have "5" days in between to Quilt--OKAY!!!!!
Time to go home Miss Perkins==Miss Perkins---now where did she run off to?????
The End---til next "c" day!!!!?????!!!!!!

Hugs, Di & Co
PS think I have been watching, the TV show "Matlock" with my friend Mary morning---- too much???????  At least I am not singing the Jail house blues!!!!!


  1. Very cute! Ok, maybe if I think about the "C" word in a fun sorta "Di & Co" way, I can get some "C" work too? Hope so! Enjoy your quilting time this week! -Tammy

  2. Oh Poor you - what a strict sentence! Horrible judge! Well, enjoy the rest of the week. I hope you lawyer turns up again .....

  3. Everything is about balance. For every 15 minutes of cleaning you get an hour of quilting, right?

  4. No, but you may be singing the "Jail House Rocks"...LOL

  5. Very cute post. Sometimes you just have to clean but then comes the fun.

  6. too funny! best do as the judge says and craft not graft.


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