Saturday, January 30, 2010


HEY--there blogging "cowgirls and boys"  it is time to round them up---
AND bring them on in for the "count"---!!!!
IT IS January 30--31--time to "count" all our finishes for the month!!!!!
HERE IS my last two projects for this month----
THIS was my "old" purse that I wanted to replace--it is still a good one--just my new wallet is hard to get in and out of it---SOOOOO--
HERE is the "new" one--alittle wider and alittle taller and with two pockets--the cute panel on the out side is a deep pocket and there is a pocket in the inside--
I also used some of the smaller pieces that came on the panel---
I have a zipper at the top for closing the purse----what pattern do I use---
NONE--I just do them outta my head--it is easier that tryin to follow a pattern!!!
MADDY in all her glory---she is completely done---all hand quilted--binding done and she even has 5 old pearl buttons on the centers of some of the squares--she is so pretty now and soooo proud of herself!!!!!!
AND here she is with her pillow and in the pillow pocket is the little pin cushion!!!  so she is already for this month's parade!!!!

WELL--it sure has been one busy month for me --- I plan on doing this tomorrow--
I sure don't know if I will be this happy when I work on cleaning and rearranging and dusting as this little one--but I will try!!!!

I just loved this book---this cat Homer is -- is--incredible and the author does a great job in writing his and her story--so if you have not read it --READ IT--especially if you love cats--and it is a good read even if you are not a cat lover!!!

WELL a couple of you keep asking when I sleep--I really do sleep and I even have to take a nap most afternoons---I just don't do much else--except "sew"--hey I even take time to 'eat"!!!!!

But I am really tired tonight--so I am leaving you for now and need to do some emails to let "hosts" know that my "finishes" are done for this month!!!!

And just think it will all start all over again on Monday  and   next month there is only 28 days to get it all done----OUCH!!!!


  1. Congrats!!!! Maddy and company are so pretty!! I am so happy that I still have 24 hours to go. I have a binding to finish. Wish me luck!

  2. Love the handbag....well done on your finishes Diane...Peg OPAM 2010

  3. You are the Bomb, Girl! I'm so impressed! I just love the Valentine quilt -- and the pillow and pincushion are too sweet! Cute bag, too! Way to sew Diane! You did great!

  4. I love your project and the Madeline quilt is so cute with the buttons on it!

  5. Your Madeline Schniibbles is just adorable!

  6. Maddy is lovely! You go girlfriend!
    Love your new bag too, it's so fun!

  7. Your maddy is hand quilted? You are quick! It looks great...the buttons are perfect.


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