Monday, January 25, 2010


The week end "tired" me all out---so this is what I would of liked to do all day today --and on top it the weather was perfect to this---

It was "dark" and rainy most of the day---until official Nap time--then the sun came out----GO FIGURE!!!!!!!

BUT--I did get more things made today---

not food---I realize some of you MUST of had some leftover "snacks" as though looked like BIG piles of snacks to me?????

No fabric leftovers from my "Maddy" quilt top--it was the third item I had planned to make on the Valentine sew in--but did not get to it on Saturday--but started it Sunday and got it finished today---

I made a pillow to go with the quilt top from some of the charm squares that were left---NOW--what I started out to do == was sew together the long 5 inch strips that were different sizes that were left over--but some how the project took over with a mind of it's own and I even used up a bunch of the squares that were left--then I cut the 5" strips in half and used them around the center panel--it came out to 14x14--and I made the back so I can just slip a pillow form in it--think I will make a pillow to go with each Schnibbles each month??????

Then from the Leftover--leftovers I made this==

A cute little pillow/pin cushion!!!

I also got the Chmas Wish bom quilt nearly finished and Maddy is all basted ready to start quilting on tomorrow when my friend Ann comes--it the snow isn't too deep??????????

How many are "saying" this after Saturday--or some of us say this everyday!!!!!!

Hugs, Di&co.


  1. You are just way too busy for being tired. You could be dangerous if you were feeling energetic. Your pillow is very cute. Now, if you figure out the diet thing let me know.

  2. You did good with your leftovers!

  3. Wow!! I love your pillow cover and little pincushion. Such a great use of your scraps. All you valentines sew-in projects are amazing. I cant wait for my day off to do more sewing.

  4. Your little pincushion is sooooo cute :) You can never have enough of them, right? I am working on taking some photos soon to show you what I have been up to - amazing, I'm actually sewing ..... I should be ironing....

  5. Love the cushion cover! And the new layout! I think I'll be a cat today:)


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