Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some one must of been in my bed last night and kicked me in the left hip---cause it has wanted to be "painful" all day--you know the kind of pain where you have to be careful how you sit, how you get up from a chair, how you get dressed---OH--I did learn something here--always put the painful leg (or arm) in first--then the other one--pain is less that way---bet you did not know that little tid-bit?????

It was also one of those days there for awhile where I felt that all I was doing was "spinning" my wheels and getting nothing much accomplished ---- bet nobody else has had that feeling before?????     I did get an hour of hand quilting in early this morning on the Chmas Wish quilt--but it will be a "miracle" if I get it all quilted by the end of the month--this stencil I picked is more involved than I thought?????!!!!!!   then it was down to see Mary--then came home and did something I needed to do---but----was not really wanting to see---and that was making a list of unfinished tops/projects/bom blocks-----OUCH---that did not help that pain in the "hip"!!!!

Then I did decide to do some prep work for this months new BOM's and for my Charming Girls goals--that's when the Wheels started spinning--seemed each one I picked up to do--either I couldn't decide on the fabric colors--or couldn't come up with enough of the fabrics in the right shades---and me with all this fabric-------?????

So I did the only thing a girl can do in these "circumstances"---I took a "power" nap!!!!!    Hey--it worked---I was able to get 4 blocks all ready to stitch and even got some work done on one of them!!!!!!!!

What do snowmen eat for lunch?????
Don't they all look like they are having fun in the picture above---I remember those day!!!!!   What fun we had and there was always hot cocoa waiting at the end!!


Hugs, Di&co.


  1. Honest, it wasn't me...honest!! I wouldn't kick you.

    But I would kick myself - and that's exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow to get some "C" done............the dreaded "C" word.

  2. Oh I hope you feel better tomorrow. I didn't get any sewing or housework or anything at home done today. But I did work. But that's okay. The kids did tidy up a bit. So at least they helped me. I'm ready for bed now. I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Hugs Ariane

  3. Hope your hip is better soon Di.

  4. Di, I *swear* it wasn't one of my donkey girls either :) Take care, feel better! -Tammy

  5. I sure hope that you feel better tomorrow.

  6. I know what's going on ...... it is C allergy!!
    The only thing that helps is rest and plenty of sewing in your lap! Oh, and maybe a good book near by for breaks. Hope it clears up soon!

  7. Ouch! I kow what a cranky hip feels like and it isn't fun. Hope it clears up soon. See what happens when you do all that najor cleaning? Your body doesn't like it at all. Better stick to crafting :)

  8. I know that spinning feeling all to well lately. Hope your power nap helped your hip as well. Another lesson learned--never sleep with mules???? Hope you get lots done today!!!

  9. Oh, Di, I do hope you stop aching soon and get lots done. It's no fun spinning and feeling sore at the same time. That little kitty is sooo cute.... looks a bit like the one that is in my bathtub at the moment... hee hee, I will post about it soon, right now I am trying to get our bom up on the net and it is being contrary, of course..!
    Get well soon :)


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