Saturday, February 20, 2010


Party's over and oh what fun---Now to clean up--oh look there's still one piece of cake left--I gotta go get a plate--be right back----
Hey--where did my piece of cake go??????
Leave it to one of Garfield"s friends to come late and beat me to it---
I just hope it looks better on him than it would of on me!!!!!

In cleaning up the "mess" from the party there is a couple things to cover---I know alot of you use the "Random genny" thing--put as you can see--I like "hands" on for doing the winners--to me it's much more fun that way!!!!

Second I know that most everyone emails the winners---and I will be doing that to the ones who have not "checked" in on the site when I am done here---I, again, think it is nice to go to the site and see if I have won something--the only thing here is I think alot of us--forget who to check back with cause we enter so many giveaways!!!!!  
I have slowed way done on whose I enter--I am not really sure why, really---maybe next month I will be better!!!!!!

OK third---I need those --
Well I'll be--I thought it was called "snail mail" --but here is a turtle--the snails must be on vacation---oh, I know--they got all wore out trying to deliver mail in all the snow some of you had--so they had to call in the "second  string" ???????  Any ways  I need some addresses to mail your goodies to you!!!!

Now back to work----
I did get my Sunday Best top all done for this months Schnibbles--
Has anyone "guessed" which charm pack line I use this month -- yet????
It is called "Miss Jumps"  I found 2 charm packs and about 2/3 yard of the birds nest fabric and that was all--but I got them and I think this was "perfect" for this months top--- I had to piece the 2 outer borders to make them long enough--but you can not really tell (hopefully) this is probably more of a fall quilt---but then again----?????

Well--Little sister wants to watch a movie tonight--so that means I have to get off the computer--as we watch them on here!!!!!


  1. Love the birdie border--it fits perfectly. No one will ever be able to tell you pieced it. Have fun watching the movie!

  2. Love that border - smart little Cookie, aren't you!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Oooh, I love your new Schnibbles. Now I MUST get this pattern too. LOL The bird border fabric is great. It is just a lovely quilt! Have a great night! The hubs and I are watching the first season of "Mad Men," can't wait! --Jen

  4. Hi. Your site is looking beautiful (as usual) - some fabrics here I would like :))
    The border on your quilt is lovely!
    Hope you saw a good movie.

  5. Your Schnibbles with Ms. Jump's Scrapbag is wonderful! Our LQS had a few charm packs left but I wished I hadn't! I wasn't a winner of your fantastic birthday bash but do wish to congratulate yours. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you will come again. I love making new friends and your blog is beautiful.
    Hugs, Ukka

  7. I would love to shop from your sidebars!:)

  8. Love your Sunday Best quilt -- it is so pretty in that fabric, Di! Way to sew Girl!!!

  9. I so love the border fabric! Great job on your Schnibbles!


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