Monday, February 15, 2010


Now I like the way this "lady" is thinking---only I do not think it would work somehow---what do you think?????

Instead--I did the following--
Went down to Mary's and fixed her tea and visited awhile--then--
Laundry---I only "partly" dry my blouses and pants--then hang them on hangers to finish cause this way I have no ironing it seems--sooo----while I was waiting for the washer and the part drying I did knit on a baby hat---

While the little stuff was in the dryer--I came up and ---
worked in the kitchen doing the "c" word===cooking---yes, Di, it is about time!!!!
I saved a quart of milk by using it up today--it would of not been much good by tomorrow---so---
I made a chocolate cream pie--(don't tell anyone I was a day late--ok???)
and then I made--
a Tuna Pie--If you are interested in the recipe--It is in my archives back last year--maybe in April or so---or I can reprint it if you would like--this is soooo easy and soooo yummy to make and it keeps good.

Thanks for all the lovely "comments" you all left me for Valentines day--they mean alot to me---you are all so great---I love each and everyone of you--and I wish the best for each of you!!!

Last night I finished this book--
I did a book report on it over  so go take a peak!!!!   Has anyone else ever read it--what did you think--did it change how you "look" at animals????

Well--I did get a little applique done today on a Tisket/Tasket block and I am anxious to get back to it--

Happy Presidents day ( I know I am alittle late--oh well)

Hugs, Di


  1. Must be Tuna Day as well as President's Day--I made tuna casserole. Both of your pies look yummy; I will have to go hunt that recipe down. You have been very good today--now sew!!! And have fun!

  2. Hi Di,
    Pies look great, can almost smell them :)
    Hope you have a nice day today! Hugs ..

  3. You TWO pies look yummy, will go look fo rthe recipe for Tuna pie.

    I read Wesley - it was interesting, I didn't get their relationship at all but I learnt alot about owls and yes I do see owls very differently. It was also interesting to read about her work.


    PS I work in a book shop so I get to read all sorts of interesting books

  4. Tuna pie? I'm off to search the archives now!


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