Monday, February 1, 2010


THIS is "kinda" how I have felt the last two days---UPSIDE DOWN??????

Must have been the month of January somehow got to me---I really don't know "why"---but I do know that if we think about long enough I bet we would find some good excuses as to "why"--but all those "why's" were fun--
WELL--maybe not these "why's--
You know the "cleaning house" part!!!!

And today was one of my favorite jobs!!!!!--getting groceries---I really hate this job--but I do like to eat 3 meals a day and MY chocolate--so off I went--did alittle other shopping too--new pink sheets, some new towels for the bathroom--(that may not be the right color???)--socks, some "undercover" items--hey and a new bight red rug for my new red kitchen--just in time for Valentines day!!!

But I have not done one thing "quilty" since SATURDAY---OUCH!!!!  Maybe tomorrow--then again------????????

Well we got our "new" assignment for the February Schnibbles---Sunday's Best--it is called----I did order my pattern and some fabric--(remember Rule #1--you can not order a pattern or a package of batting -- WITHOUT--ordering some FABRIC--and I always follow this rule!!!!   I ordered some of the Birdie line --which I will probably use for the "Spring sew in" on Feb 27th that Kelly is doing!!!
As for what fabrics I will use for this pattern--Sunday's Best--at this point I have NO clue!!!!!    You have any ideas yet on what you are going to use????

Well--I need to go for tonight--I really need to finish knitting a baby hat and get another one started--I ended up reading a book last night instead of Knitting---me a bad girl!!!!


  1. Just stopping in this evening to say hey there! Maybe I'll try and get this month's Schnibble done.

  2. January just sped by for me too. Don't like how fast it went but I do know how I spent it. Crocheting!! Way too much lol.

    I love this month's Schnibble. I am lucky enough to get to do 2 this month!! I still haven't even started on January's and here it is February already.

  3. I am always waiting for someone to put on the brakes, but instead they mash on the gas pedal! hee,hee,hee.
    I guess all us creative people are like this. Never enough time for all the fun. Especially with all the icky chores we must do. gag.
    your friend,

  4. Hope you're not so upside down today. I like the new blog look, for me it is easier on the eye.

    Did you eat all that chocolate you probably got at the grocery store? If not, pass some over, I can always use a little boost this time of day.

    Don't forget to go over and view the Schnibbles January parade on Sherri's and Sinta's blogs - it's fantastic as always.


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