Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I mean big time T R O U B L E-----
I just set up a blog site for Little sister----
she will only be posting on Tuesdays and when there is a Sew In
this way she can be more a part of the sew in's and get her own comments
so stop over and say 'Hi' to her as we did her first post tonight--
so I am way behind in my "work" tonight--have not even got my email read yet---I usually do that first!!!!!

I just thought to check out the window and guess what I seen out there????
No Kitty----but baby it is SNOWING out---yes yes yes!!!! Love  it---only I am not a happy camper--why when it does finally snow alittle here in NY it is at night and I can not watch it snow---You see---that is the part I like about it snowing---Just watching it snow---then it can all disappear as far as I am concerned-----I know--- nothing like wanting my --
cake and to eat it too---and it not show up as calories!!!!!!

so we might as well let it---
Did do some stitching today--but it was one of those days where I worked on first this one and then that one--so nothing to show--

Well I am off to read some blogs and my emails---


  1. I am right with you, Di, I love LOVE watching it snow. Yippy Skippy we are getting 20" more of snow on the 30" we got last weekend ... MD. looks so gorgeous, glistening in the sunlite.

    I think you'll be getting plenty tomorrow to enjoy, from what I see ... enjoy!

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week!
    Hugs, Marydon

  2. We have snow but little and it was so pretty last nite,, sparkled everywhere..

  3. We have been promised more snow today :( I am really getting fed up of the stuff. I agree it's pretty while it's falling - and then it's just a nuisance! Have fun indoors!
    Hugs from Anne-Lise

  4. I'm thankful the snow we did get a few weeks ago finally left. We just don't have the equiptment to deal with secondary roads here. Thought beautiful...COLD!!! I bet you'll find all sorts of quilting to keep yourself toasty and occupied.

  5. You are such a nice sister! We are getting some snow and fortunately it seems to be sticking to everything but the roads. Pretty and safe!

  6. I just love to read your blog it is so much fun with all the pictures
    Will visit your sis too.
    After my swim and exercise group I did do some sewing. I am working on my "Winter Mini Swap"

  7. It may be cold outside, Di, but that just means you can sit and relax, sit and eat BUT above all - sit and sew.

    Stay warm.


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