Tuesday, February 2, 2010


NO body--but us "dancing" chicks!!!

And "why" are you dancing???

CAUSE each day it is one day closer to Easter!!!!!
OKAY--my little "chick's" back to work--we got to get things ready for Easter--then we can dance!!!!!
Let's see today was Tuesday--OH--I just remembered I think today was "Groundhog" day here in the USA---does any one know if he saw his "shadow"--it was overcast here in New York??????

I did get some work done before my friend Ann came for her weekly visit--got two of the Bom's traced and prep to do that we got the patterns for so far---but worked on another project of applique for awhile while she was here--then we went over to the quilt shop--we were both needed some solid white fabric for backgrounds and a couple other things!!!
Off and on--in between visitor's and lunch I did get some sorting done--one of these days my home will look neat and clean------I am just not committing to what "YEAR"!!!!!!

Here is a block finish for February----
It's the Flirting with Flowers by Tozz---I think these blocks are so pretty!!!!

Now for a story---
Some months ago now I had a decision to make--whether to get another battery pack for my portable phone or buy a new one---decided on a new one----
WELL--the new one works great----only it is too small to hold between my shoulder and ear so that I can visit and sew at the same time!!!!

SO my daughter says--oh that's no problem Mom--just get a headphone set to attach to it and then your hands are free!!!!  So being the "good" mother I am in obeying my daughter I went and got one yesterday----
TONIGHT I went to try it--got it all out of the package--which is no small feat these days--got ready to plug it into the phone---ONLY---there is NO place to plug it in to!!!!!!   Checked the old portable and it has the "hole" to do it-----------
So now what---
1.  get another new phone with the correct hole
2. take back the headphones and just forget the whole thing
3. get the batteries for the "old" phone and use it
You all don't work too hard tomorrow!!!!!
Hugs, Di &co


  1. OH, this technical world we live in and this multi-tasking, argggggggggggg..Love the block, very sweet..

  2. Sounds like it's work just figuring out your phone.

    I need a rest....LOL

  3. Forgot all about Groundhog Day. Bad me! It was really cloudy here too. Your block is very pretty. I must get busy!

  4. I would have thought all phones had the little hole. Hummph guess not! I would probably get a new phone depending on how much it costs. Maybe a inexpensive one to use while you are sewing...

    Your flowers look great! I was thinking about doing this one but I think I might need to drop it from the list for now.

  5. There's always something with these technical gadgets! Nice block!

  6. I think I need some earphones for my mobile. See what I did with it on my blog... sigh....

  7. Lovely block you finished for Feb. and it's only early day yet - Hugs Nat


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