Saturday, February 6, 2010


Don't you love to read about a "mystery"????
WELL---I woke to one today---and so the story goes---

As Di got of bed and staggered to the bathroom---she was having one of her "light headed" days---so at first she did not notice--but as her head cleared alittle and she was probably waking up more --- she made a "terrible" discovery---
WATER---there is a big puddle of water on the floor between the sink and the toilet---like "wow" where did that come from????
SO she looked around with her "light-headedness" and could not see quite where it was coming from--so she got down on hands and knees and took everything out from under the sink to see if that was the source---NO---dry as a bone!!!! At this point she just threw down two large wash cloths she uses for cleaning, to soak up the water--then called the maintenance man for here and reported it--he was not home!!!  Then she ran down stairs to see the tenant under her to see if she had any "wet" spots on her ceiling--she was OK!!   So light headed Di came home and only did what any good normal person would do at this point--
she fixed her breakfast and sat and ate it!!!!!
But then she decided she best get back to the problem at hand---she wiped up all the water and cleaned all around the toilet--keep checking this and that--really could not find the source--so then she cleaned out the cabinet under the sink and put some of the things in the rummage sale box she's working on for the Church--about this time, our maintenance man came --he also checked it all out--nothing!!!!  He left some paper towels on the floor to see if they get wet--but it is now 12 hours later and guess what--floor is 'DRY"---SO I HAVE A MYSTERY!!!
The End.

On to the GOOD stuff---quilting---
I did get two bom's prepped to day and I even got one all finished--
The "Snowbound" block two of Bunny Hill designs---these are a lot of fun to work on--and for once I like the color group I am doing them in---actually they are fabrics designed by Anne herself--even though she did use someone else line for her model!!!

Boy I guess the north eastern sea board is getting "socked" in again this winter--got an email from my girl-friend in New Jersey and it's a coming down, fast and faster---they have about 24 inches of snow and maybe more---hear that the Delaware area is getting it bad too and who knows where else this storm is at????  Now me--here in NY--we have maybe--just maybe an inch of  the white stuff==but we are getting some of the wind and it is bitter cold here again--explains my "'migraines" all week!!!
So to all those who are getting the snow I say this----

Whether you are quilting, baking, shoveling snow, building snowmen with the kids, playing games or on the internet---have fun!!!!!!


  1. That is indeed a mystery. If it was in the kitchen I would blame it on an ice cube but I'm guessing that you don't normally drop ice cubes on the bathroom floor huh?

    It seems strange to hear that you have so little snow. I feel bad for those that are getting lots of the fluffy white stuff. Takes alot of hard work to keep driveways and sidewalks cleared during these storms. Plus it's just so gosh darn COLD! We have been getting lots of wind and it has cooled down. Both of those things cause my asthma to flare up. I can always tell when the weather is going to change.

    Hope your migraine clears soon. Those are rough.

  2. Your own mystery - what fun! Any more wet spots around? A bit like the Canterville ghost? Well, if the spot reappears, I mean :)) But you got more cleaning done!

  3. Wow, that is a mystery?? Getting ready for Super Bowl here, not that I like football, Mr.Couple is the super fan and I fix him special things on this day..The snowbound blocks are really cute but I am still doing Shabby Roses, by Elefantz?? Have a Super Sunday
    Love your blog:)

  4. Wonder where the water came from??? Strange!

  5. Quite a mystery! Is it possible you spilled a cup of water while brushing teeth the night before? Just a guess!

    I know, we didn't get any of that snow either, here in Syracuse. I think D.C. might be giving us a run for the money in the snow race! :-)


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