Thursday, February 11, 2010


We had sunshine all day here--yet it was quite cold---mainly just the snow in the streets melted----or did it melt cause of all the "salt" the trucks spread around this morning??????????????

I did get some quilting done today---
Finished one of my Charming Girls goals--
I started this top 3-4 years ago now I think -- I used it as a demo in an hand applique class---loved it--but just never finished it---but now it is finished and I can enjoy----NO--wait a minute ---I took it down to show Mary and guess who fell in love with it---so guess where I left it???????
I just used pins to baste this one and do not believe that I will do that again--it came out too puffy---(but I could not find the table at the time to hand baste it).

Also got this BOM finished--
this was a fun small project to do---these finishes are also shown and listed on my workbasket site---

Was having a hard time deciding how to continue with a design for a wall hanging I had started and finally today the ole light-bulb moment hit---
Can't show picture yet , but I am happy with how that one is coming out, now!!!

for all the comments you are leaving on Little sister's new blog post---but I am "jealous"----she is up to 7 comments on her first post---it took me months to get to that many comments on a post!!!!!!!

BE on the look out for something real special one week from today----you do not want to miss this---so mark your date books---you have an important date right here!!!!!
Hugs, Di-----------PS are you ready for this day----yet??????


  1. Love your heart wallhanging. Or should I say Mary's wallhanging. I am almost done with LOVE. I am fighting with fabric decisions at the moment so it is a good thing I have lots of stitching to do.

  2. You always have the best projects! And you're so generous with them - how sweet :) I always enjoy your upbeat and fun blog! -Tammy

  3. Love the little quilt you made. It is beautiful. The embroidered heart is so cute too.

  4. So sweet...and you gave it sweet.

  5. Your little quilt is really sweet, and how sweet of you to give it away.

  6. Mary got a great Valentine's Day Deal when you walked through her door. Hey, mine is open too!!! LOL

  7. Love the heart quilt. I was going to ask you what you do with all these little quilts you have been finishing. Now I know. Very generous of you!


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