Friday, February 5, 2010



I want to know what happened to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday????????  I am not sure I seen them---anybody see them "flying" by????

But then again---those days must of been "here" sometime--cause this is how I feel tonight-----
I know maybe I just need a little "bit" more chocolate?????

I am being mean---I know you all want to know how I spent my gift card at Kelly's store---
Would you believe I did go take a look last night--but I was good and waited til this afternoon--before I did my shopping---and I even let Little sister help me---I got 4 more fabrics in the Birdie line to go with what I got in yesterday so now we have lots of pretty fabrics for the Spring Sew In  And then I ordered---

Two charm packs of------Verna---and two 1/2 yard pieces to go with them---I really like this line as it is "different" and more of my thing--country--just not the dark country---I am a "light" country gal!!!!!

I did get the hand quilting done on one of my challenge tops--now for the binding????  and another BOM came out today--so have that to do for the week end and Jenny's BOM will be out on Sunday to do----SOOOOO----
                  WHAT ARE YOUR WEEK END PLANS?????
And for all your lovely thoughtful comments---they all mean a lot to me---sooo--
Smiles and Hugs, Di


  1. Yes, where did the week go!...I'm having trouble keeping up with everything..
    Chocolate sounds good to me..
    Julia ♥

  2. Save some chocolate for me, too.

  3. Chocolate and fabric...a great way to spend the day :)

  4. Well here we were in the midst of snow and ice till it is back again bringing a pal the high winds..ugh!
    So with DH here I feel I had a very long weekend then BAM a short week! Ha Ha!
    Did get some things done though.
    Two Stitchery projects and have almost finished my wool flower pilla top.Next I will tackle a wool snow man runner project.

    Hope you are warm and safe up your way!!

  5. If you figure out where the weekend went, please let me know. It went by with out much accomplished I fear. Spent the day shopping and didn't even get any fabric.


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