Monday, March 1, 2010


This Elephant's name is "What's Ya Gonna Do"---she is a very nice elephant and she really does not take up alot of room--but you know how big they are so she does take up some "extra" room in my home---and she is named correctly this month--because--- we have to decide what to do about "my" elephant--time has come to deal with this---
This is my Elephant----I bought this Grace quilt frame last year in January 2009--Little sister and I put it together in February---(should of had a video of us---funny!!!)  But us women will prevail!!!  And In March of 2009 I put this quilt on it--now this quilt had already been hand basted---but It is rather large--or at least larger than most of my quilts--I managed to get "3" blocks quilted---ya!!!!  you read right--
since March of 2009 I have only gotten 3 blocks quilted--and if you look at the picture you will see how loose I have to have the fabric for me to work on it!!!!!
It does make a nice "holding" area for things---so it does have some usage!!!!!

I just can't seem to go in there and quilt on it--When I quilt I really do like my rocking chair and I like my quilts in my lap--as I can turn them every which way to stitch!!!!

SOOOOO- what is your 2 cents worth on what to do with my elephant---
I paid $250.00 for the complete set--it has everything you need even the lamp--which is still in the box!!!!
I fear this quilt or any quilt I put on this frame will just sit there!!!
OK  now that I got that out on paper it is time for a "pink elephant"---
Unfortunately--I fear that if I drank this I would be seeing these things--flying about!!!!

I think "me" will stick to rabbit's -- especially when you can "unwrap" them and find some great "chocolate" under the foil!!!!
Well it is a new month and a new week--do we all have our "goals" written out and published????

Mine are all listed over so bop over and have a looky-see!!!!

And today we got the new Schnibbles pattern--mine is on order---and yes--you are all right--you know me too well--there is some fabric on the order too!!!
(make that orders!!)

Thank you for all the great comments during and after the Spring Sew In--I do believe I am getting addicted to these "sew-in's"!!!!!  So I will see ya at the next one!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I love the quilt you made for the spring sew-in. I wish I could have participated, but I had to work. I love to quilt on my lap with a hoop. I have back problems and always found it hard to lean over a quilt rack. I like to get comfy in me chair or on the couch. Maybe you should sell it. You could use the money to buy more fabric. Wouldn't that be fun!!

  2. Maybe a local quilt store will let you put up a flyer that it's for sale? Or you could always put an ad in the paper. I would sell it and buy more fabric! :-)

  3. You've got your goals all in order, so now you have to decide how to handle the elephant. Good luck with that!

  4. Oh goodness - what a tough decision. I know I procrastinate with new mechanical stuff, but if I make my self use it - and get used to it, I'm usually okay! Hope it works out!

  5. At least it's a small elephant. lol

  6. I just love to read your post. It always puts a smile on my face. Thank you.

  7. Can't help you with your elephant.. sorry... but I will join you on the next sew in, so make sure you let me know!!

  8. I think if you do not plan to use the elephant, then the elephant needs a new home. If you find yourself making smaller quilts that you can hand quilt in your rocking chair, then your elephant is just taking up space. If the elephant is too hard to work and no amount of fiddling makes you comfortable, then you have your answer. You cold always just pack it back in the box and make a decision later.

  9. Congrats on the lovely quilt you creatively designed for the sew in! Loving the bunny!

  10. Thanks for nice words on my blog!
    I wish I had such an "elephant". I have enough space, but I can't afford one :-(
    Look forward to see what you will make during this month.
    Have a nice week!

  11. Oh dear, your poor little elephant. Would it help to treat it as 'Fly Lady' does a messy house, put aside a few minutes at a set time each day and just 'do it'?.
    Perhaps buy one of those hairdresser type stools on wheels to get you to the right height?
    Would be a pity to get rid of it unless you absolutely know that you will never be a successful team.
    Good Luck with your decision- I would be holding onto it- have always wanted one so am biased.

  12. Well, can't you quilt it on your lap and sell the frame? These days, I'm all about getting things OUT of the house, just in case I drown financially...less to have to pack up.


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