Friday, April 30, 2010


Well--here's the scope---
Little sister is here--
Yep--I have had her in the dog house all day---
Remember the bird cage "we" both found yesterday at the Antique store---Now _-- I found it first--but I had to get to an appointment--then she found it and before I could get back today to get it--she went and got it!!!
Now I want to know something---for two sisters who have "different" decorating styles--why do we always "fight" over the same things at antique shops and yard sales???????????   
Good Question???

OKay--did we get all our goals and challenges met for April????
Here is my last CG&GClub goal--
I did it --got the Summer set of Patchables all done--now I only have the 3 pc. Fall set to do, but I don't have the last one yet--it will come this month sometime!!

I did do a couple changes--first change was in this one--
Here is there version--
Here is mine---can you see what I changed????  I also have some flip-flop buttons coming for this one--but they are not here yet!!
And I did some changes on this one--made it more for Northern living!!!

My last OPAM challenge was "birds"--
From the Tilda book--
I just loved making these---today---I do believe I will make more of these some day!!!!

Now I did not get two bom's done--yet---
Frist Friday Freebie--Annie--but she is nearly all stitched and I have finally decided  how I am going to finish her!!!  But I figure "I" am not late yet on this project as we won't get another one til May7th--so see I still have a week yet--the same goes for the Bouquet block by Jenny--it is started--just not finished and she doesn't give out each months till the 7th of each month!!!!

And how did you make out???????
I know I am tired--and my "house" and the pile of "laundry" look it--(it seems someone neglected to--or rather elected not to do the laundry this week----so now maybe we should put "Di" here--
Yep--sounds like a plan to me!!!!

May Day is tomorrow---
I can remember doing the Old fashioned tradition when I was young--we used wild violets and dandelions in the paper cones--
Have you ever done this for May Day????
Oh--not only is it the last day of April--and tomorrow is the first day of a new month--May--it is also another---
week end---two whole days---so enjoy them!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Great job, Di! You make my little list look pretty pathetic. I love your Patchables.

  2. I hope you have let lil Sis out of the dog house!!!I think it is lovely you are so close and can go shopping,sorry fighting, together.

    I don't know haow you get it all done. Beautiful work.

    Have fun on the weekend and don't do too much washing etc.LOL

  3. Your summer panels are so cute and so are the precious birdies. They are perfect in with your plants. I think I am going to have to catch up with you next month. hee hee hee hee.

  4. You did great! I love the summer panels. They are so cute. Those birds are just adorable. Perfect for spring and summer. I finished a lot of projects, but not my Schnibbles. I was supposed to do that this week, but I was sick. Maybe I'll get to work on it in May. Oh well, I did my best.
    Hugs Ariane

  5. Your Patchables look great and the birdies are adorable!


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