Monday, May 31, 2010


I want to know "whose" bright I idea it was to get some different furniture and to redecorate my place----cause I think I will---
either "shot" them or have them hauled "off"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My oh my--what a "big" job this is--my dear!!!
One of the new/old pieces that I got is a nice round wicker table and when I fell in love with the table it had a pretty vase of  silk flowers sitting on it--Now first remember for whatever it is worth--I have been getting rid of my silk flower--on top of that Yellow is not one of my top colors--but this vase has silk--large silk tiger lilies in bright yellow--but it just looked so darn cute on that table--so I made a deal--I would take the table if he "threw" in the vase of flowers and he did!!!  

So "Di" what is the problem here--you did a good wheel and deal????
the problem is--the table with the flowers on it did not go here---don't you hate that???
this poor vase of flowers has been all over this apartment and then back again--and all over again---if I liked where it was little sister did not---so--my poor vase of flowers did get some "dizzy" today---but---it now has a home--right here on my computer desk---at least until little sister comes over tomorrow and says-------------!!!!

I hope everyone had a great three day week end and that everyone is ready to get back to work tomorrow as it is the first--and all our June's projects will be in!!!

Oh--you ask did I find the sewing room--well---I actually was in there working on the pile--only now it has spread all over the room--instead of just piled up nicely?????
Why rush the job--there's always tomorrow to make an even "bigger" mess!!!!!

Have fun--stay safe-- 
Hugs, Di

Saturday, May 29, 2010


MY Oh my--- what a mess my apartment is in!!!!!
I think at this point it would of been easier to actually have moved--then I could have an excuse why there is piles of --of---"things" piled to the ceiling in the sewing room---
The green wood rack you see in the back was out here in the livingroom--well actually it was in my "formal" dinning room---the table--oh--yes--there is a table under all that "stuff"--I mean under all my treasures--that was the dinning room table--but will have a new use now!!!!!
I have been purchasing some "new" items for my apartment---yesterday and today and they delivered it this afternoon--so now it is arranging the new items and then "unpacking" my treasures and giving them new homes---Oh are you all in for a "treat" as this new look comes alive!!!!!!!
But this also means very little sewing will get done this next week --- as I can not find the cutting table--the machines or much of anything else---
But--Me did get a Bom finished today--

Got the Flirting with Flowers block for May done--so am up to date now on those blocks from Tozz's blog site!!!

And two orders came in in the last couple days or so---
More delicious thread "candy" from Shell at The Raspberry Rabbit---actually I think I only order from her cause the "bunnies" always send me a dark chocolate raspberry chocolate---see it in the one package!!!!!  Actually---Shell does such a beautiful job in wrapping and presenting the order--that I can never wait to get an order from her!!

I gotta get busy on some projects using this pretty yummy colors!!!

Also got this order in--
Some tea towels to do some stitching on --- got these in mind for one of the Holiday projects over on Judith's site---that I joined!!!!
Needed to think "cool" thoughts today--was hot and muggy here all day--oh by the way--we never did get any of the T-storms nor any rain they said we were to get!!!!!
So as you are all enjoying those grilled hot dogs and picnic foods this week end -- think of me sweating and grunting and moving and lifting and wondering where to put it allllllllll----and then have lots of fun for me tooooo!!!!

Hugs, Di

Thursday, May 27, 2010


For some reason I have wanted to drink cold tea all day today---not sure if I am trying to stay cool--or keep awake?????

Remember last Saturday nights "entertainment"????
And I ended up with this and this--
Well--today I was finally able to go to my workroom and sew!!!!  YES!!!
But---first---- I had to find my cutting counter and that's when it happened---
I had to move this top and pile of blocks first---so I said--NO--don't just set it someplace to collect dust--do something with it--

the top part is all done----I had only 4 blocks left by the time I was done--those may make a pillow to go with the quilt!!!!  I used a gold/beige print for the first border--then I used the Glace fabric for the border---
SOOOO--what do you think?????>???????

Around 3 pm little sister showed up and we went over to the Health food store to pick up a few things---I mainly needed--
some farm fresh eggs!!!  Once you eat the farm fresh ones you can't eat one for the store--even if it says organic on the label!!!!!


Well--it is way past my nap time and I am exhausted--but we are suppose to get some bad t-storms later and it is clouding up bad--so wanted to get this posted in case I can not be on here this evening!!!!!


Be good---Tomorrow  Tomorrow  tomorrow---I will see everyone tomorrow--hopefully!!!
So be good---have some fun and get lots of sewing done----
Hugs, Di

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The housekeeping gal came today and cleaned all my windows---and I mean she cleaned them--she probably used a half bottle of Windex---about killed me with the scent and chemicals in the Windex---BUT--I sure can see the world in a lot clearer/cleaner  "window" now!!!!!!!!!!!
AND--one decision has been "finally" made--that to the best of my knowledge---
( I mean someone has to keep an eye on Little sister--and teach her how to quilt!!)
After lunch they came and put in my AC--it goes in the middle window of the three in the living room!!!  So now I can be "cool" while I look at the world go by????
Oh--you ask "what happened to me yesterday???"
Well--it's really funny actually---
I got on here and on my site and was blog hopping and ended up on some decorating sites and then I remembered that I wanted to look at styles and colors of curtains and----
did not realize the time--until it way past my--
bed time---so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday--Anne and I took the day off from quilting--we had to deliver her daughters cat to her house as she was at work--
Then we went out to lunch--
We had a nice quiet lunch and listened to a water falls--from the porch at the eatery we only saw this--
But you could hear the falls---I did walk up the road alittle bit and there was a bridge over the creek and there was a smaller water falls--
so got a picture for you---and for all you "mushroom" fans out there here is a cute picture for you--
I wonder if they are the eatable kind??????????????
the rest of the day was ---laundry!!!
Last night when I went to pull the blinds done this is what I seen--
the sky was a really neat color--a little more teal color than what it show here---in the process of trying to get this picture---I got these---
It is "weird" how the same picture can come out so many different ways!!!!
Oh--now you want to know if I have gotten any work done---
AH---not really---
Just another knitted baby hat for the hospital--so I got my challenge done for there this month--but boy am I behind on other things!!!!
What's thta you say???????
Yep--you are right there is always tomorrow!!!

Oh---are you ready for this one????
I did it---signed up for the --
Christmas challenge---I am always so unprepared gift wise at Christmas for friends and seeing how my friends list keeps growing--I really need to get a head start on it---so why not join and have some "fun" and hopefully doing Christmas through the summer will help keep us in cool thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well that's it for tonight --folks---I will be back---------------------------
Hugs, Di

Monday, May 24, 2010


"Di" is on the war path---
she really does not care though if the North or South wins--
Cause she just wants to "quilt" with fabrics from that era!!!!

first we did some basics--
then we got some reds and pinks--

and some browns and blacks--

and some golds, greens, and blues--

Add in a few just for the reason they are 'cute'----
then "Di" has alot --alot-- of civil war prints 
(we won't mention the ones she already has in her stash!!!!)
SO---with soooooo many new prints in the same era what is a gal to do--

Why she has to get a book to show her how to use all those fabrics and some history to go along with the quilting----!!!!!!!!
Now--where is she on her regular projects---

well--believe it or not she got another block of the month done--this one is Fruit of the Spirit by Joy and Alice---I enjoy doing these blocks--course I think I say that about all my bom's don't I????????
I am in a "question" mode right now--- there is two new monthly challenges going on--
1. is the "Schnibbles times Two" with Kelly at Cotton charms and a group of gals
2. is a "Christmas workshop" from Judith at Creative studio10 that sounds really like fun---but can I handle any more right now??????????
when does one actually say--not now--when one loves them all and can get good use and fun and work done from them all????????
Little sister and I had to go overtown today and here is a couple new flower pictures--
The flowers are just sooo full and so colorful this year---have you noticed that????
Well--time to go--I never got to the ice cream the other night--but tonight is the night!!!!
Hugs, Di

Sunday, May 23, 2010


HELLO---boy wait til you hear this---
We just got some...
dirt on "Di"...........
When she gets any "extra" money we need to --

Put a ball and chain on her and keep her locked up!!!!

CAUSE---other wise she goes shopping-- and look where she went today---
To---fabric stores--yep more than one before she and her "partners in crime" got done for the day!!!
See there they are cooking up the next stop more than likely!!!!
this shop in Candor NY had a nice 20% off sale today--OH--another thing--do not say the word --sale and fabric in the same sentence if "Di" is around!!!!
This shop has an adorable dog--named Bailey--whose stash fabric is that in the picture--I won't tell!!!!
Bailey worked so hard helping me pick out fabric that he had to have a nap!!!
Before we  start on the fabric haul--here is some basic's that she needed--there is several stencils in the pile they had some that were different from the local shop--so they came to join the stencil stash!!!
Believe it or not--these are a start for a quilt for Chmas giving---now I will not say which Chmas--but am hoping for this one?????
Just liked these--soooo
More nice ones for my 30's stash!!!
they had the cutest table runner made out of this fabric--so seeing I do red,black,white in the kitchen--I thought-----

found these while the sales lady was ringing me up--thought they were just great basics -- I guess--at least that sounded like a good reason to get them!!!!

I really like this line--and I found 3 colors that I did not have--

The fabric on the left is a couple yards--just liked it--might be a nice backing fabric???
the two greens I got at the second shop we stopped at!!

Two of these pieces came from the second shop and the top one came from the first shop--got yard and a halfs--these are for backgrounds!!!

Are we done yet????

Ahhhhh--looks like some one is saying--wait there's more---

there is tomorrow---yep--you all gotta wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story!!!
She really did not say "more" did she?????

Hugs, Di

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