Monday, May 24, 2010


"Di" is on the war path---
she really does not care though if the North or South wins--
Cause she just wants to "quilt" with fabrics from that era!!!!

first we did some basics--
then we got some reds and pinks--

and some browns and blacks--

and some golds, greens, and blues--

Add in a few just for the reason they are 'cute'----
then "Di" has alot --alot-- of civil war prints 
(we won't mention the ones she already has in her stash!!!!)
SO---with soooooo many new prints in the same era what is a gal to do--

Why she has to get a book to show her how to use all those fabrics and some history to go along with the quilting----!!!!!!!!
Now--where is she on her regular projects---

well--believe it or not she got another block of the month done--this one is Fruit of the Spirit by Joy and Alice---I enjoy doing these blocks--course I think I say that about all my bom's don't I????????
I am in a "question" mode right now--- there is two new monthly challenges going on--
1. is the "Schnibbles times Two" with Kelly at Cotton charms and a group of gals
2. is a "Christmas workshop" from Judith at Creative studio10 that sounds really like fun---but can I handle any more right now??????????
when does one actually say--not now--when one loves them all and can get good use and fun and work done from them all????????
Little sister and I had to go overtown today and here is a couple new flower pictures--
The flowers are just sooo full and so colorful this year---have you noticed that????
Well--time to go--I never got to the ice cream the other night--but tonight is the night!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. I am no help--I signed up for the Christmas one. We need to make presents right??? Of course I don't have several dozen Civil War prints to do something with. What to do--what to do???? L,A-

  2. Yes I envy you, such a beautiful fabrics and so much fun starting a new project.I know only one medicine to cure me - start my own new project and that's just what I 'm going to do.

  3. I need to collect some of those nice fabrics. I bought a "Dear Jane" book this year.

    Pretty flowers.

  4. Yes Di, you definitely needed a new project! What are the plans for the kitty fabric?
    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Wow Di, You did enjoy yourself Sunday!!good for you now decisions??!! Think its time to make a list of to do"s and don'ts
    I'm joining the Christmas one!!

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  7. I think the Christmas one would be a good one to join. That way you can work on Christmas decorations and gifts.

    I know I won't be doing the Schnibbles times two. One Schnibble a month is plenty for me. Plus, all the other projects that I need/want to do each month.

  8. Goodness looks good :) And those fabrics, oh, oh, oh, how yummy!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)



  9. Interesting,I say!
    Decisons-Decisons. Lovely fabrics you show us,must be something big!!

  10. Oh my gracious Di!! Love these to death!!!
    So many NEW fabbies you have bought of late!!! I could just come shop your stash!!!
    Look forward to seeing ALL the NEW projects!

    XO Lola


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