Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today was shopping day--shopping for some of the "essentials" of living---
like food---
Chocolate is a food group and very "essential"!!
Peanut Butter--one can not live on chocolate alone--one must have some Peanut butter with it and boy we better get our share of it now--we won't be able to afford this stuff much longer by the price of already!!!!!

And ice cream--now that the weather is much warmer--need something to cool us down alittle so we can sew a little longer--and Breyer's was on sale today for $2.25 a carton--so two came home with me!!!

Now I did get a couple "healthy" things like Yogurt, canned salmon, green tea, bread--so I will "sneak" a little of these in my diet once in awhile!!!!!!!

Today was my friend Anne's day--but she is the one who "ran" me around today for the essentials of life--but when she came this morning she brought me  a gift or two--
One of them was this beautiful new flowering plant---just love it!!!  Both of my ivy's just up and decided they did not like it here any more and just up and died on me--still not sure how they "dared" to do that--but!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the sewing front---I am slowly working on this in between laundry, and grocery shopping and some housework--gotta have this block done by the 7th when Jenny will give us the next one!!!

I did walk out to the gardens and found these late double/triple tulips had bloomed--I think these are so pretty???

Oh I can't wait until tomorrow or at least by Thursday some of my 'orders" for May should be here--it will be like my birthday then!!!!!!

So stayed tuned to this station for some "eye candy" reports!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Sounds like a yummy sort of day! I want that kitten too! L,A-

  2. Love your new background!!

    I will be over for some of your goodies.Yummy.

    Don't think I want to go to my excerise class now. Just loll around like the kitten instead.

    See Ya!!!
    Maria XX

  3. Love the primrose! Now if you have chocolate & peanut butter, say the word & I am enroute ... chuckle!

    Have a great week.
    TFN, Hugs ~ Marydon

  4. Your food essentials are my food essentials! They make the best diet!! Primroses are one of my favorite plants that I always purchase to chase away the January/February blahs! They are so bright and cheerful in little baskets around the house. Such a thoughtful gift and friend. Nola

  5. Your new flower is very pretty.

    My son has informed me that we have Breyer's on sale here too ($2.50 a carton). I think that was his way of passing on a little hint lol.

  6. Great nutricious diet you have there but it sounds like an energizing one - especially the chocolate. I've never seen such a beautiful tulip!


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