Monday, May 31, 2010


I want to know "whose" bright I idea it was to get some different furniture and to redecorate my place----cause I think I will---
either "shot" them or have them hauled "off"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My oh my--what a "big" job this is--my dear!!!
One of the new/old pieces that I got is a nice round wicker table and when I fell in love with the table it had a pretty vase of  silk flowers sitting on it--Now first remember for whatever it is worth--I have been getting rid of my silk flower--on top of that Yellow is not one of my top colors--but this vase has silk--large silk tiger lilies in bright yellow--but it just looked so darn cute on that table--so I made a deal--I would take the table if he "threw" in the vase of flowers and he did!!!  

So "Di" what is the problem here--you did a good wheel and deal????
the problem is--the table with the flowers on it did not go here---don't you hate that???
this poor vase of flowers has been all over this apartment and then back again--and all over again---if I liked where it was little sister did not---so--my poor vase of flowers did get some "dizzy" today---but---it now has a home--right here on my computer desk---at least until little sister comes over tomorrow and says-------------!!!!

I hope everyone had a great three day week end and that everyone is ready to get back to work tomorrow as it is the first--and all our June's projects will be in!!!

Oh--you ask did I find the sewing room--well---I actually was in there working on the pile--only now it has spread all over the room--instead of just piled up nicely?????
Why rush the job--there's always tomorrow to make an even "bigger" mess!!!!!

Have fun--stay safe-- 
Hugs, Di


  1. Looks like my sewing room at the moment. How are we ever going to get any sewing done??? L,A-

  2. Yes, tomorrow is another day for a bigger mess.......why not? Come see my messs

  3. Goodness, you've been busy. Sounds like you need to go back to work to get some rest LOL! It's looking great though!


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