Tuesday, May 11, 2010


well--tomorrow is mid week again--already----are we "a doin"??????
How is that "to do" list coming????

My friend Anne came this morning for our "Quilt-in" and we both worked on projects for awhile--then we went to Wal mart--I need a couple more plastic totes and some much needed "chocolate" me was almost out--that can not happen!!!
came back here and had lunch--then Little sister and I took two more carts of "goodies" that I had sorted out over to the SPCA thrift store---but I have a problem here--- why doesn't this place look "emptier"???????

I am excited to say that I got a block all done for May---yes!!!
I started with the Bouquet bom as it was the last one done for April--so did it first for May--so now I have a "legal" finish for the month of May!!!!
AND---I got Brutus all stitched in on the Cat series for block #4--but there is alot more stitching yet on that one!!!!
hopefully tomorrow I can go to the sewing room for the day--I have lots of projects just a waitin on me---so---as I need my sleep---I have told the "Project's" that if they will be real quite tonight so I can get my beauty rest---I will give them lots of attention tomorrow!!!!
Last summer I planted two Columbine plants in the garden--and  they are just loaded with buds--just awantin to come out---but they keep saying--"not today" it's too cold!!!-
soooo---both plants look like they will be different colors--that is nice--
So the next time the sun is out again -- I will get another picture for you!!!
"Insomnia ender:  starting the day by listening to birds can normalize the body's circadian rhythms to improve sleep 
by 20 %----birdsongs send a wake-up signal to the brain that shuts off sleep hormone melatonin---this tells the brain that melatonin won't be needed for 11 to 14 hours --the point when you want to be sleepy."
(by Matthew James Ph.D Hawaii)

WELL--I must not have heard any birds singing this morning--because this is what I wanted to do today---all day long---
Hugs, Di


  1. Hmmm-I think I need to sleep with my windows open because we have several happy little bird families outside. Congrats on the finish and I wish you many, many more. And me a few too!! L,A-

  2. Sounds like you had a busy dayDi so have a good nights sleep and you can do more tomorrow.
    PS. Good girl working on block four for the Cat series, I have only done the first.

  3. I guess that doesn't apply to seagulls screeching their heads off at 5 a.m.? We have a nesting place near our house and the noise is a certain sleep stopper!

  4. The one good thing about moving is that you weed out some of the "extra" stuff that you have accumulated over time.

    I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning. We haven't been hearing too many song birds lately though.

  5. How I would dread the prospect of moving. I've acquired too much stuff over the years. Good luck with your sorting out, and enjoy your sewing day today.

  6. Look at those kittens in the last picture! TOO cute! This weather is good for one thing...sleeping! Brrr!


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