Friday, May 7, 2010


Well-- I have left you all waiting long enough to see what has been in all my "other" packages that have come in this week--
Today's box was an order from JoAnn's--4 packages of cotton batting, a herta marker, and two storage boxes--all on sale--I was hoping the storage boxes would be alittle smaller--at least  the individual sections inside--as these I have planned to store the new threads that are coming in on spools in--so we will have to see???/
This is from equilter--they have the larger spools of Mettler sewing machine thread--and I can not just order thread--heaven forbid--so here are 3 one yard cuts of some interesting sale fabrics---
This came a couple days ago--
and is some of the new Valandi threads from the Raspberry Rabbit---yummy--can't wait til next month to order more!!!
See--great colors---
Suzanne's Quilt shop in GA was having a 20% off sale on Batik's and for some reason--that 'Di' is on a batik kick--so ---
all yummy colors--
Plus two others--the cute ducky fabric is for my friend Anne and her baby blankets--the wood looking one was to be for a 'barn" bom that I have been collecting the patterns for--but I think it may be too big of a design and it is not red enough for me!!!
And another B-day gift came in the mail--this is from a pen pal named Cindy whom I have written back and forth with for over 10 years now--
Thank you Cindy--( she is not a blogger or reader--so we still write!!!)

I still have two more different kinds of thread orders coming in the mail--can't wait!!!

Now--what kind of day did "Di" have today--that's the big question of the hour???
Finally a normal day--and boy was I ready for it!!!

And yes-- I did get lots of sewing done today--but guess what---you gotta wait until tomorrow's post to see them!!!!! so you all come back now!!



  1. Pretty!!!!!!!!!! Love all the batiks. Time for more projects!! L,A-

  2. Love all your parcels Di but now you have to make them all up. What do you do with all your quilts??
    Your friend Cindy sent your a lovely gift too.

  3. Aren`t you lucky!!! Lovely batiks, lovely the lot actually. Hurry up and store it away now or start sewing right away. Hope you have lots of time to get cracking at it all :o)

  4. Those threads look great! I always enjoy parcels in the post even when I know what they are:)
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with the fabrics.

  5. Oh delightful of you to show us your new purchases! Everything looks great!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  6. Isn't getting goodies in the mail the best! Love all of your fun stuff - and I think I need to go shopping LOL!

  7. looks like somebody has been having lots of fun! My kinda gal! Lots of goodies!


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