Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I do like Wednesdays---in fact I think every day should be a Wednesday--what do you say??????
I seem to able to feel like I can finally "dive" into my passion of quilting and sewing--and I always look forward to being at the sewing machine all day--- 

But today--I had to go on a "mission" first---did not have all the supplies I needed!!!
(ok--whose laughing--I can hear someone laughing!!!)  It really is "funny" isn't it--we have our shelves stuffed all the drawers and containers stuffed--yet--there sits a project and we don't have the "right" stuff!!!!
So I rounded up Little sister and we walked over to the Quilt shop---they did not have the stencil I needed--or at least not the one I was thinking of using--so Little sister decided this one would work the best--it is too wide--but that was easy to fix????
I also discovered just before we left that I did not have enough or even the right shade of green for a project---so came home with these two greens--one did work in the project--the other one will go in my stash--it was too light for this project!!!
Of course--we had to stop by our Country shop on the way back home--and this little pink bag came home with me---here's what is inside----
a cute country looking half wall plant pot---I had been looking at them--then discovered this one was her last one--soooooo!!!!!
then I did get this project all cut--but no time for any stitching--but I do believe (hope) there will be time tomorrow to sew it together!!!  Yes you have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is!!!!!
AND---I did get April's bom from Tozz's site finished today---so am happy about that!!!  I love finishing something!!!
And I got half of one row of the Round Robin #5--hand quilted tonight---that is what I needed the stencil for!!!!

Here's a help for all you grumps out there--me included in this too!!!

*****Enjoy the view---research in the field of color psychology shows that gazing at the green expense of a lawn for just 3 minutes can reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to grumpiness!!!!!   So now "we" know what to do the next time we feel grumpy--personally--I would rather hug and pet the kitty in the picture--or go get a piece of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonder Thursday--everyone--
Hugs, Di


  1. Sounds like you had a really nice day...

  2. Love your April finish for Tozz's corner. I haven't got to mine yet. Just seem to get further behind on these BOM's. Anxious to see what your new project is that you have cut out. Nola

  3. thank you for the post. they are always fun to read and made me smile.
    Oh I will remember the grass thing or was it chocolate???

  4. ok - I've stoppped laughing now:)
    I'm on my way to town ....

  5. What a funny day...we all start out with the best of intentions...then we need to go out...and where did the day go?

  6. That was a great read Di and you got some lovely goodies :) I love your block and the butterfly is beautiful :) you are flying with them. :) hugs Vicki

  7. Often I seem to be missing a key piece for a project. Sometimes I can get lucky and use something different. Other times no such luck. I try to stay out of the stores because I usually come home with much more than I planned...

  8. Your April block is gorgeous. What a perfect fabric for the butterfly. And I do like the green. Maybe you could lay it out on the floor and pretend it is grass. Going to the quilt shop and hugging kitties makes my grumpiness go away. L,A-

  9. Lets see -- the chocolate would make me fat and the kitten would make me sneeze so I will just look at the green grass!

  10. Hi Di, The best thing for the grumps is to read one of your blogs! You always make me smile.
    I love the colours you chose for Toss' BOM. Girl I don't think you ever stop.


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