Sunday, May 2, 2010


I am going to pretend I am a  "Johnny Jump-up" and I am going to jump back into the pool of life----I know that my Mary would not want me to be sad--I just know she wouldn't--she was always fun of laughs--even when I went down and found her crying over the pain--she never cried "why me"--it was always just because of the pain or in worrying about her family in some way!!!  so for you Mary it is onward I go----

I do have a  migraine tonight--so this will be short--
the weather is to get real bad here in alittle while--and my heart and prayers go out to the people in Tenn. who have been flooded so bad and to those who have lost homes and family due to the tornado's through those states!

It was 85 degrees here and snowing--
Nice big "flakes" too---
see all the "big" flakes on the ground--along with some tiny pretty blue flowers--what's that hitting me in the face????

Well I'll be--it's not snowing--it's blossoms from the tree over me---how silly of me???

I think one of the things that "us" quilters do when we are sad or depressed is to--
go shopping--and that is what I did--on the Internet for different kinds of threads--and now I have a couple small orders coming in for some to try--so that will give me something to look forward to this week!!!!

See ya all tomorrow--have a safe evening--tomorrow is Monday and we all need to get back to work on our projects---right???
Hugs, Di


  1. Hi Di, sorry you have a migraine. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. There's nothing like a little retail therapy to make you feel better too. Hugs!

  2. So sorry you're dealing with a migraine tonight. I did that yesterday. A little shopping, even on the internet, is good for the sprits. Tomorrow will be better.

  3. Hope your head is feeling better,Di.
    Oh can't wait to see your new threads.

    As I sit here the sun is shining and we are having the most beautiful Autumn days so it strange that you have pics of snow.

  4. Hi Di...I'm glad you're doing ok. You're right, Mary would want it that way. I get migraines too, do you get the aura that goes with them? Good times, good times!

    Retail therapy is a good idea. Never fails, right?

  5. Ouch! A migraine. It must be from the changing weather. That does it to me all the time.

    Retail therapy is a good thing. :)

  6. Shopping and purple computers with bunches of kitties...yep good therapy!

  7. Hi Di,
    Hope your head clears soon. We have had lots of rain lately, but now the sun is shining - I hope it will last a few days. Hugs.

  8. Hi Di, You are an amazing woman, migraine and a breaking heart you still think of other and their troubles. I join you in prayers for those in the storm areas and also those in the oil spill regions.
    Look forward to seeing your threads.

  9. Hope you're feeling better sweetness. You're package is on it's way to you. Should be there no later than Thursday. ;)


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