Monday, May 3, 2010


I am behind---I had some pictures ready and a post 'written' in my head for Saturday--but of course I got the "dreaded" phone call about my Mary before I got it done--

Sooo---first I want to say--
to all of my great and wonderful blog friends who have been praying for Mary, Her family and for Me---you will never know how much this has meant to me and to Mary if she could say so she would---bless you all!

During the day Saturday I cleaned out a dresser--it had 5 big drawers--and now I only have two of them with some things in them--and they will be getting new homes as I plan to sell the dresser!!!
I found this in the dresser--
I have had this box forever--at least since High School--so it is now about 45 years old!!
It has this lock and a key--but long long ago (sounds like the start of a story to me??)
the latch broke--so that is how I open it--yet it always looks locked!!!
I pretty much know what is in here--it's been the same things now for a long time--
for one thing--these baby shoes are in it in a plastic bag--these shoes are 42 years old---yep--they where on my daughter's shower cake for decoration--I carefully took them off and put them on a plate--later I cleaned the extra frosting off and put them away---NOW--the big thing about these shoes ---- they are made out of "sugar"--yep--sugar!!!!
When the kids where little I ordered a set of silverware with their names on them--I still have both of the folks and knifes--as you can see--but for whatever reason--both spoons are missing!!!
I added this regular spoon a few years ago--as it has the initial "R" on it--my Mom's first name was Ruth!!  and I think that little set was a set my Mom had??
And I have my graduation tassel and my daughter's--her's is the gold one!!
So this is my treasure chest!!

Now for Today--Monday
Between 1am and 2 am this morning I got the rest of April's FFF all stitched--Annie--
And now I am working on Stitching a block of the Bouquet from Jenny for April--and while I was doing the "dreaded" laundry I got another yellow baby hat knitted!!!
I did 3 big loads of wash today---so now maybe I can wait -- let's see--a month or two before I have to do the "dreaded" laundry again--especially if I turn all my clothes inside out and wear them that way a couple times!!!!!

Today's picture is this---
My goodness ---what is it--
Maybe it is a "tiny" space ship that has landed in the lot across the street---it sure does "glow"?????   

actually it is a piece of "glass" that the sun is hitting just right---I just had to get up and take a picture of it!!!!

And here is my OPAM challenge for
Making a couple of these for my "trip"!!!!
This is another project from a Tilda book.

Well--that's all for today---can't wait for the next couple days and then my orders should be coming in!!!!!
Bless you all
hugs, Di


  1. I love hunting through old treasures. Hopefully I will discover some fun stuff when I ever get to the end of my boxes. The little bags are very cute. I really must get myself a Tilda book or two--because I just don't have enough projects. heee heee heee! L,A-

  2. Fun box of memories. I love Tilda things. Very cute pouch.

  3. Great job on getting the dresser cleaned out. 3 loads of laundry? That sounds like alot for you.

    I love your little treasure box and the treasures inside. We have spoons for our kids too. Gerber baby food gave out gift certificates for free engraved spoons at the hospital when the kids were born.

  4. What wonderful box of treasures. It is such fun to take them out ocassionally.

    Just love that little bag. wonder if I can get Tilda Books down under!

    Happy stitching.


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