Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had rain here today and the Birds just loved it--and probably all the flowers too!!!

In fact--I even loved it!!!! 
Cause it makes "quilting" extra special --for some reason!!!!
As it was Tuesday--it was friend Anne's day to come and quilt--
She was working on a real pretty 30's butterfly quilt (sorry I really did mean to take a picture of it--but???)
I worked on hand quilting last months Schnibbles--I have to say--I am on my third pattern for this quilt -- it just doesn't want to "sing" to me--but I think we are finally getting along better now--must of been the rain today!!!

Ann and her Mom, Marge, and I went to lunch today over town--Ann and I like there grilled cheese sandwiches--I had american cheese on marble bread (homemade) and Ann had chedder cheese on sourdough and mom had ham salad on wheat!!!
When we got back home here and helped her Mom back into the building and up stairs to her apartment--she thanked me and then she quietly asked me "please don't move from here--I need you here"---wow--what do you say to that---Marge is 94 by the way--and I know Anne does not want me to move either!!!
Ok enough of that ----
this afternoon I worked on April's--yep April's--I know "we" thought I was all up to date with the bom's--but I had forgot one--Tozz's--so we are doing April first and then May's and both are all prepped--
The third flower is all in now--did that one while Little sister was on here doing her post!!!
Also worked on these two rows for the Round Robin--
I had gotten the rows sewed last week and today I got the batting and backings ready so I can hand quilt them this week--only now I have to go to the quilt shop tomorrow and get the right sized stencil I want to use on it--(yes--trip to the quilt shop--worked hard to find an excuse to go over there!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Here in the back is a picture of the new step stool I got week ago to hold plants on--like the new grouping--am thinking "Bear" needs a new dress--maybe a blue one with the lady bug design on it--what do you think?????

And  I forgot to show you these "cute" "cute" baby socks I picked up at Wal mart the other day!!!  why did I pick up baby socks--they will go in my Santa tote to donate this Chmas for the 0-2yr old group--that does not get gifts unless they are donated--I have been doing this for about 5 years now--I just pick up little toys and outfits as I see them on sale and put them away----
Ann makes about 30 baby quilts each year and donates them for this age group too!!

Well--my chocolate mint ice cream is melting--so gotta go-----
Hugs, Di


  1. Enjoyed my morning with you and your friends. Lunch was Yummy. Just look at the fat tummy on the kitten.
    Yes it is great doing things for charity I also love to make quilts to give away.
    Oh I think Bear would love a new dress out of the lovely ldybug fabric.

  2. I love rainy days. I love buying baby clothes too. I was out picking up some things for the grandkids the other day. Target has lots of things on clearance right now.

  3. It amazes me how much sewing you squish in between everything else you get done. Your plants look gorgeous and I know that bear would love a new dress. Spring fashion and all that.

  4. Rainy at your part of the world, and suddenly hot summerweather at our part! A lovely shock for us, as it came so suddenly. But it inspires me for sure to get a big move-on to finish some UFOs.Not to mention,how healthy my plants soon will be:-)

  5. Now I am just hungry for a grilled cheese!

  6. It's been WAY TOO LONG since I've had the opportunity to go blog hopping at my favorite bloggers blogs.

    So here I am ......hopping....even IF Easter is past...LOL

    Rain - I LOVE rainy weather - makes me want to sew. I only wish I had more time to do that right now.

    Oh well, anytime spent on my friend's blogs is time well spent - atleast YOU talk sewing - so I feel like I'm getting a little satisfaction.


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