Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SEW HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep----I got to play with my "friend" today--
Ah---Di---wrong "friend"???????
OK--Now you have it correct!!!!
Me and my sewing machine got some work done today---
First "we" did the finishing on this and found a neat crocheted trim for the bottom and as I tacked that on--I added some beads and I had decided to use one of my cameo pins for the top!!
"We" got the top and bottom rows sewed on by machine the one seam and then later on a "chocolate" break I hand sewed down the back seam--am really glad that Joy suggested doing a "quilt as you go" method for this quilt as it is going to be one big boy by the time we are done--course I am still way behind on this one--there is another top/bottom row to do and another side row to do--tomorrow!!!!!!?????
I got the last two blocks done for the jelly roll challenge--so now I am caught up with this one until May 21st!!  I really thought that the Chain link block would be a piece of cake---welllllll-----for what ever reason--I had more trouble getting that one pieced angled strip to angle in the right directions--so I really got alot---ALOT--- of use out of the seam ripper today--
And here is the 2nd set of jelly roll blocks that I am doing --I really do like that chain link block--but it sure did not like me today!!!
And here is the blocks in the 3rd set I am doing with the honey bun---I really like doing all these blocks--and it feels good to get some of the bom's done for May!!!

I did no packing--no cleaning--no sorting--no nothing on the move!!!
Time will take care of it all---I hope!!!!
I sure have had fun though looking into new places to live---who knows the next one to ring your door bell -- might not be the Avon lady--it might be a short little lady from Blog land!!!!!
Hugs -- Di


  1. Oh I would love you to ring my door bell and be my Avon lady.

    You and your friend have been very busy. You have done a lot of work together. Well done.

    I have hurt my back so have not been machine sewing,just a bit by hand.

  2. Well done!!!!!! It's super sewer!!! And yes you really do need to save something for tomorrow--you wouldn't want to have to clean or anything. L,A-

  3. Great job, you are getting things done and we always love our special time with our machines.

  4. Beautiful finishes. The crochet edge on the stitched piece makes it look vintage. Lovely applique also.

  5. Looking good!! I also finished the flying geese border today - just need to sew them on to the rest of the quilt, so you are not the only one behind! And don't mention the jelly roll quilt along... oh dear, must get sewing, but I've been in bed most of the day sick :( Maybe tomorrow...

  6. Your jelly roll blocks are looking nice.

    Your quilt along piece is looking wonderful. Since you are doing the quilt as you go method it will feel great once you add in the last few pieces. Then it will be just about done.

  7. Wow - I wish I was one tenth as productive as you are. It's nice to work along with friends, isn't it?

  8. You have been busy. Love the basket quilt, it is to pretty. Your blocks are so cool, they look fun to make with so many different choices of fabric.
    Happy Friday

  9. Oh wow! The cameo and the lace at the bottom....FABULOUS!!! Great job my friend! I love it!!!


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