Sunday, May 9, 2010


Stormy weather--weather wise--here we have had a lot of wind--and some rain and t-storms---I just want to let you know that --I do Not use the Internet when the weather is bad!!!  OK

Here is what everyone one has been waiting for for---
A couple finishes--
Last month's --April's block for the Bouquet bom is done--
These two rows for the round robin quilt have been hand quilted--but have not gotten sewed to the "body" yet---what's that you say????
Where is two weeks ago rows---AH---they are still waiting to be made!!!
--  I know I am behind and it seems the faster I work
-- the behinder I get---go figure!!!!

This is the FFF for April---my Annie block--all stitched and I made mine to cover my quilting scrapbook--
Here is some of my earlier work--just before the local Quilt shop opened---
Yep--that is one of my "cats" his name was "Teara"!!
Here is an applique quilt--that I gave as a gift one year and this kitty was my "Bear"--he was jet black all over and a real buddy to me---I still miss him and it has been over 2 years---

to everyone--even if your "children" are only the four legged kind--you are still a Mom!!

ENDS with a "laugh"--

Yesterday I was finally able to go down and show my Mary's family the Quilt everybody made for me and Mary--they all just loved it and said to say thank you to all of you for doing this for me--so Thanks!!
As I got ready to leave my foot stepped on  a board in the floor and it made this "funny" sound--almost like I had let some "wind"--so I turned around and said to Mary's son-Bub--  Bub that was just the floor's noise--I did not just let "wind"--well--everyone started laughing and as left and even when I went around the corner to come home- I could still hear them laughing--and my Mary was there laughing once again!!!
Stormy weather--
there is more "stormy weather" news--but this does not have to do with the weather outside---in has to do with things that are happening inside these walls here at the Jefferson Village apts!!!   I will not go into detail--it is too sad and sooooo unnecessary for this to be happening---
but it is what it had me doing to day--- I was packing--yep--I am moving---to where--- well that is still the big question of the hour?????

----------------UP FOR ADOPTION--------

One rather older--but sweet lady---who is alittle crazy at times--but in a humorous way!!!
  She loves to buy fabric and she loves to quilt and she loves her dark chocolate and she drinks tea!!!!
  She is a quiet person and she loves kitties and plants (not that these go well together!!!)
So if you need a quilt partner or some one to help around the farm--leave her an email!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Your quilting scrapbook is a really cleaver idea...I need to do that :)

  2. can come with me to Samoa

  3. Have you ever thought about moving to Maryland? I'm sure my hubby wouldn't mind if I adopted a quilting buddy!!

  4. Have you ever thought of going overseas. You could live in Aussie with me.

    You are so good getting MOST of your sewing done.Love it all.

    Nice story about the floor boards, LOL

  5. Oh dear, moving? Hey, I could use a quilting buddy! :-) I hope everything goes smoothly!!

  6. Utah is a great place to live and there are lots of wonderful quilt shops, wonderful quilting ladies, and so much more! Good luck with everything. Will be thinking of you. Nola

  7. I love your quilting journal! I keep meaning to make one... will I ever get around to it? Maybe now that you have inspired me...



  8. The quilting journal is a good idea. I just have a diary where I write what I've made or note "marvellous" ideas. You can come here and keep my nose to the grindstone - but maybe you wouldn't like what is going on at the moment - yes IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!

  9. I hope you had a most wonderful Mother's day too! I love your cute pictures always, just darling.

  10. Is it too late to adopt you? I have three doggies and they all love kitties, and in a good way not as a snack. You can quilt and sew as much as you want, we have lots of windows and sunshiny weather. Have I tempted you yet?

    Linda in Calif.

  11. Decisions, decisions. Looks like you have some to make. Love the beautiful things you make. I started a quilt journal but somehow never keep up with it. There just aren't enough hours in my day OR I don't always use them wisely.


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