Saturday, May 15, 2010


We are having some great sunny shiny days here in my part of the state of New York--and the temps are high 60's and low 70's---so it has been nice---thank you--Mr Sunshine for visiting!!!!

Got my last thread order in the mail today--
Yummy--- now to find projects to use them on!!!!!!

Oh -- Cat of mine--
May's block is all finished---yes!!!!

Round Robin --update--
This is the next two rows all sewn--now I need to quilt them and sew them to the rest--and I still have one more set of borders to do--before I am caught up!!!!

I worked in the quilt room most of the day---are you ready for this--
****** I have 18--yep--18--quilt tops that need hand quilting--guess I had better get to working on that goal???????  

I also cleaned out all the drawers in the dresser that I use as a cutting table--some of it is --going--some of it went back in the drawers--and some of it is still waiting for Di to put it back---by the way any one seen "Di" lately---she seems to have disappeared---I hear she is having some "poor me" days---well someone find her and tell she doesn't have time for such "foolishness" --there are too many quilt projects waiting and depending on her to finish them and love them!!!!
Oh have you ever seen a Chestnut blossom????
Isn't this neat?????  On the walk today--we seen these--we have one huge tree on a corner lot here in town---the squirrels love this tree in the fall!!!!

Have a terrific Sunday---
Hugs, Di


  1. Your Catlicious looks great! I have yet to start on that one.

    18??? hand quilt???? YIKES!!!! I hope they are small.

  2. Your new thread looks beautiful. Nice and shiny :)

  3. Your kitty block is so cute!!!! And threads are yummy. If I had 18 things to hand quilt I think I would have a nervous break down. I am sure you have them done in a couple of weeks!! L,A-

  4. Oh Di love the threads ! I just have Anchor or DMC but I need to expand in the thread world.
    Your cat and ladies are so cute. I won't talk about them ok.
    Hope you are out of your doldrum now as you said the sun is shining and just look at the divine flowers and trees you see on your walk.AND you have lots to quilting to keep you busy too. 18 in fact. LOL

  5. The sun always shines on you blog!
    Lovely,gosh,it is really a world of its own, and I love reading it all!! Love the cat and the ladies, I have yet to start on any of them. As I have joined the Stitch-A-Long doing a Gardener`s Journal, that is the closest I come flowers these days. But all the snow has definitely disapeared,so good hope for tomorrow,the 17. of May :o)

  6. Hi! Lovely cat block! And the flowering chestnut is amazing! Put on your favourite music and do a little jig - always helps lighten a mooy spell:)

  7. There is so much to comment, that last picture is wonderful. Glad you are getting sunshine and that stichery is wonderful!

  8. Those threads are gorgeous! And I can't begin to fathom having so many quilt tops done and ready for quilting. You are a busy bee!

    As for've had some hard things to deal with lately. Just keep on quilting and blogging and you'll get through it all. What you're doing is good therapy!

  9. Pretty threads. I have never seen a Chestnut blossum tree before and I live in Jersey.


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