Sunday, June 13, 2010


Laundry got done on Saturday---2 loads of the regular clothes and did 2 washings for the new pink cotton sheets I got for my bed--that was an all afternoon job!!! I did work on knitting my baby hats--got one done and another one started!!!

Then the cleaning "bug" did bite me and I was off and running---so now the Bathroom and alot more around here is "happy"!!!!!  Phew--I would of missed my bathroom if it had really run-off as it had promised to do!!!!
Even got a book finished on Saturday evening--good for me!!!!

We tackled the bedroom/sewing room--
Before during the moving around---
Now--see the new white curtains--they got put up today--
A lot of the "mess" that was on the floor and the table I had already dealt with--
The shelf unit right after we moved it to the bedroom from the dinning room--
Now--all decorated---this picture is not "blurry"--it's your eyes from a long week end--I only take good clear pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is before--
this is now---
Bed before--
bed now with the new baby pink sheets--have a new cover--but it has not been washed up yet!!!
the now-longer- clean cutting counter--Yes---
And this is at the end of the cutting counter now--and yes--those are all UFO's in waiting on the door!!!!!

I also did up some "packages" of things to send to some friends today--that has been on my "to-do" list for awhile---now I just need to get two of the addresses--they have moved on me and  I have forgotten to update the address book!!!!!

I did do alittle stitching--but not alot--it was pretty much house work and rearranging still--but it is coming---It sure looks different in here with everything different or in different places--but it feels so much more like home!!!!

SOOOO what did you do all week end????  We had some Thunder storms and rain too--most of the week end--but the temperatures where warmer--so the fans have been on and even the AC for awhile yesterday!!!

Take care---Happy stitching today!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. You really accomplished a lot. Now you're all set to get back to your sewing!

  2. I am glad I was not alone in all my cleaning up and organizing this weekend. It is looking very nice at your place. Now we both need to get some sewing done. Must SEW!!! L,A-

  3. Where do you get the energy? Everything looks so nice - I think you need to come to my house and help me decorate and organize (smile)!

  4. Go Di....could you please come and do my place....all looks great.

  5. Well, well, Di! No relaxing, lazy weekend for you! Got a recipe for all that energy? Your place looks very nice - you deserve sewing time now.

  6. Ah,That feels better. You certainly were a whirlwind accomplishing all that cleaning!! Now no guiltsin sitting and sewing. Your place looks great --so organized.

  7. I am so tired after reading everything you got done! Everything looks so pretty!


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