Friday, June 25, 2010


I hear some of you need some "cooling-off" so thought I would start off with a "cool" picture!!!!!
Plus---here is a picture of 4 more Christmas gifts for the challenge---these are zipper bags---went through my zippers and found 4 that would work--so just sat down and "whipped these babies up!!!!!!!!  I won't tell you what I did--but each one is different and has different "parts" on each one---SHHHHHHH---it's a Christmas secret!!!

but before I got in the Christmas mood---
I am soooo "proud"of myself--
I really can't believe I did it----
I think I am on a "roll" here---

OH--what you ask--well OK here it is---
Oh dear---wrong side--but isn't this fabric pretty----see the pink butterflys in it????/
I actually finished the embroidery piece I got from
I got the lovely line fabric for the embroidery--the pattern and the Valandi thread all from there--I do have a habit of doing the main piece--then letting it "hang" around until???  So I am happy that I got both done in one month---and the "funny thing is--this pillow looks nice on my bed or in two different rockers here in the living room--and again this was just a "sale" fabric that I got on line!!!!

Remember this picture from yesterday???

Here is what it looks like tonight---
And it was not from the heat--we actually had a nice day today here---
They started with a new lawn service today--and the "weed cutting machine" got this poor flower--cut right at the base---will see if it comes back on or not!!!!

Went over and did get some more pictures of the babies and Momma---Momma is a pretty duck--see the white on her????
This momma had 8 babies with her and there was a 2nd momma tonight and she had 9 with her!!!!!
Well--I did try to take a picture of myself today---wow---what a "terrible" job that was and what "terrible" photos of me-----I sure need some "eye" creme----have no idea where the dark circles under my eyes came from---I was always careful and took good care of my complexion--all my life --till I got sick 10 years ago and then had to give up everything cause I had reactions to it all---so I guess--somehow though you just believe in your heart that it will be ok and that you will look Young forever--now you do notice all  the grey hair---but you "chalk" that up to age and stress---and at age of 62 I feel I have earned every single grey hair----but where oh where did lots wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes come from???????????

SOOOOOOO----I am prescribing this for all of us----
NO stitching--No cooking---NO cleaning---No packing or unpacking---NO remodeling the house--NO garden work---NO shopping----
Hey--it sounds like a plan---oh well------
Hugs, Di


  1. You have earned a good nap! You did well with you little bags and your cushion is really nice. L,A-

  2. I love the ducks! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Love your prescription at the end of your blog. I'm all for it! Your pillow/cushion and stitchery turned out great! So sorry about the flowers. Hope they come back.

  4. I LOVE your fabric in the first photo. Just lovely :)

  5. I don't know if I believe you .... you'll just surprise us with more wonderful creations!

  6. You are getting a head start on Christmas....awesome.

    Love your stitchery.

  7. Cute little bags...all those zippers...zippers scare me to the ducks...they are so sweet. I think I may just follow your prescription today...have a wonderful Saturday.

  8. Your little bags are adorable!

    I've earned all of my grey hairs :)

  9. Di!!! Gabriella turned out soooooooo gorgeous! What a beautiful job you did and the fabric is fabulous!!!! Love it!
    Your little bags are so cute too.
    Of course, little fuzzy ducks make my heart melt. They are so sweet to watch in the water.
    You truly earned a nice little relaxing weekend.

  10. Oh, poor plant :( I do hope it grows back again....
    Your little bags look good! I was going to do the ZIP thing today, but didn't get to it... not on purpose, just don't know where the day went... maybe tomorrow? I hope so!!

  11. I should get a start on Christmas too. It is coming sooner than we think.

    Poor clematis. I hope it comes back.

    Those wrinkles appear magically while we sleep!!!

  12. You've done well agian di. Love the pillow.

    I think I will do what the wee pup is doing. It is now 12pm so I am off to bed.

  13. Pretty pilla! Yeah will nap then get up and do another bunch of sewing pretties!!
    I bet you are BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Congratulations on getting that project done. It's looks great. I'm digging out some UFO's this week so Granddaughter and I can work on them. She's already starting to get bored. I feel bad for that poor little violet. Maybe it'll come back. Love the duckie pictures. They're good mamas aren't they? Stay cool and take a nap for me.


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