Saturday, June 19, 2010



I went over at 11:00 am and boy am I glad I did---cause now it is 1:30pm and there is soooooooooo many people over in that little tiny park that they must be 2-3 stories high and standing on each other's shoulders to see anything!!!!!!!!!!!!  we are talking about "thousands" of people here in that little tiny park--plus all the vendors!!!!  Sooooo
As I left the gate to the Jefferson where I live--these ladies were unloading to walk the 50 feet to the park---
OK here is the same "spot" where I took the picture the other night---straight ahead is where the boat launch is--to the left is the small park and to the right is a parking lot for a restaurant!!!
this is just to the right--all the radio stations are here!!!!
this is to the right--the edge of the lake--there has got to be hundreds of these chairs over there by now!!!  Oh and now they even have "bodys'" sitting in them!!!!
They do have some fun things to do this guy will do your portrait for $10.00!!!
Oh and here is a picture for you---this is a way to keep your beer cold and handy!!!
all kinds of food booths--this one is suppose to have a TV chef cooking at it--think he's the one in the hat????
all kinds of foods and "drinks"----
Some like to make fashion statements--look at these "socks"--it is nearly 90 degrees out today!!!
Oh well--what "floats" your boat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I had begun to ask myself a question---
OHHHH this is cute--this guy has life jackets on the dogs and his beer can!!!!
Do we use stroller for babies any more--and do you think this show has "gone" to the dogs????????????
OH--yes--there is tiny babe in a stroller--she does not look happy though????

Now all these boats have to made out of duck tape and cardboard!!!!
Take your time looking at these pictures--there is alot to see in each one!!! For some reason I can not sign off at the end of the pictures--so I will here--and there is more for later---Hugs, Di


  1. What fun! Isn't people watching one of the great sports of all time??

  2. I love the cardboard regatta! My father used to do it. We always call it a redneck thing down here. I also love the duck race where they toss thousands of those little plastic ducks in the canal to race to the finish. You can win some great prizes from the duck race.

  3. Looks like a fun day! Your commentary always adds to the fun, too! Love the Cheese boat.

  4. What a really fun day that was! You live in a wonderful place my friend. It's beautiful there!


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