Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey---I did it---got last's months -- May's block--finished for the First Friday Freebie--done before this months is due out---like tomorrow!!!!  But--hey---I did get it done before......!!!!
Here is the design---I did mine in Fiona thread--a teal shaded one---and you will never guess what I stitched this design too?????
No not a pillow--
No not a wall hanging--
No not a quilt block--
No not on a towel--
No not a picture to be framed for the wall--
This is it---
YEP---I stitched it to the front of a T-shirt--it was fun--and now I have something that no body else has ( I think!!!!) !!!!!!

At mail call today---these two books got here---
I got these on Amazon--and I got the other Civil war book on the love letter at my quilt shop--so now I can make 242 blocks--using all those new civil war prints--some year!!!!

And this came--
and look what I found inside---
Kathleen Tracy even signed it for me---I have joined her miniature challenge and signed up for her new block of the month for the next six months and she sends you a new pattern each month starting in June---the challenge is a flickr group and that is free.
This months design is the Irish chain and I did get most of the pieces for that one cut today--now to hand piece them!!!!

-- Today --I also got the Flirting with Flowers block prepped and all the applique is done--now to do the embroidery on that and it will be done--also prepped two other blocks--one is a bom--but the other is just a "I wanta make" block!!!!!!

Look who found the new little black rocker?????  Miss Annie Doll---I got her and Mr. Annie Doll at a craft show a few years ago over in our park---I just love them (it was too crowded Miss Annie said when Mr Annie was in the chair too--so he got banded to a basket on the other side of the room!!!!

Here is my outside picture for today---
these are peach colored iris--from a little side garden at the end of the building that I care for!!!  I can not believe HOW large the iris blooms are this year----have you noticed if they are larger than normal in your area---or do mine just "love" me more--so they are really being good this year!!!!!!

Well I am off to see what kind of trouble I can get into tonight on other's blog sites-- have a happy day tomorrow----OH--Saturday is Village garage day sales here in town---who would like to come and join Little sister and me treasure hunting--oh--you better wear a rain coat---darn!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Oh I just love your goodies! They are gorgeous. I would love to come and go along but me and my Mom have a date to go the quilt store!

  2. Me,me--I want to come. You have been very busy today. The tee shirt is very cute. L,A-

  3. Cute idea putting it on a t-shirt! Love it.

  4. You have been busy and so has your mailman!

  5. Great job on the stitching, Di and what a unique idea! Now how cool is that!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi sweetness!
    My goodness I don't know where I have been, but you sure have been blogging a lot! I just got caught up. First, love your tee shirt! What a great idea. Second, love the new books and of course, love the white vases and flowers! hee,hee,hee. Your cat quilt you made is amazing! I want a close up picture of that! Adorable!
    Your work space is cozy and comfy. Sure wish I could come visit and stitch with you for a while. What fun!
    Glad you liked all your threads and your chocolate. ;)
    Hugs to you!

  7. Love your thinking "outside the box." How darling is your "new" tee shirt. Glad you are getting so much accomplished. Now if you could just come to my house and help me! Nola

  8. Wow your purchases look very interesting! The Praire Children book intrigues me; have you got a link for theminiature challenge you mentioned? Hope you had fun at the garage sales!


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