Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Do you remember my "elephant" problem??????
there is only one thing one can do when one has an "elephant" in the house---
You feed it lots--lots of peanuts and then you can---

Train it and ride it---way to go Miss Di---look at her now!!!!!


And this "was" the elephant---now it "proudly" displays my finished quilts--the way it sets up it has 3 bars--so I have 3 rows to slide my quilts over---this is now right behind my wicker chairs and faces the dinning room--so it also makes a great room divider--see I told you---I tamed the elephant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for today's work progress----
This is it--besides a little hand quilting on the State Fair quilt top---just these 6 little blocks--these are for the first Doll quilt monthly pattern I joined---it takes 6 of these 9 patches---now--I will tell you--just so you don't think I am really "slow"---I had to cut out all the pieces---these little squares are 1 1/2 inch square and then mark them--because these are all hand pieced.
NOW--I wanna know--who stole---

the "chocolate chunks" out of this carton of ice cream???????
Kelly did you do it--or was it Alice--or maybe Joy???????? Surely it wasn't Shell????

Cause somebody did ---I got me a bowl last night and I found only "1"--yep---only '1' piece of the "Chunk"  and with the dipping I did to make my bowl full--I still did not see any "chunks"---leave to me to get the only one that has NO chocolate chunks in it!!!!!
OK Di--we are unplugging you---there is to be "no moaning or groaning" allowed on this station---so----off you are!!!!!
Hugs, Di


  1. Your elephant us lovely. Probably has a whole bunch to do with its lovely new wardrobe. I promise I did not steal the chunks.L,A-

  2. I didn't take the chocolate chunks either!! You did a great job with your pet elephant. Does he eat chocolate with his peanuts?

  3. Too funny. No chocolate chunks here either!

    I love the elephant. It is the perfect solution.

    I can't wait to see that beautiful State Fair all quilted. Wasn't it a fun pattern?

  4. What a way to tame an elephant...looks great!

  5. I just bought this flavor but haven't had it yet...I sure hope I have more than 1 chunk!

  6. Love your quilt display!

    Maybe all the chunks landed in the bottom of the container. Not fun while you are eating it but imagine the surprise and yumminess if they are all on the bottom :)

  7. What a great idea with the quilting frame! And about that ice cream...I haven't tried Vienna Mocha Chunk. Now I have to get it! You are an inspiration.

  8. Well, since you brought up the subject I'm going to confess I ate the cookie dough chunks out of our ice cream. I've never done that before but it sure seemed like a good idea last night. (Not such a good idea this morning.) As for your chocolate chunks, did you check that elephant?

  9. I had an elephant in the livingroom for many years. It's gone now, thank goodness. The chunks in your ice cream. Do you have a cat? Our cat got into our neighbour's garage and ate all the bits out of the bag of kibble & bits they had in there for the dog.

  10. are just too darn funny for words! Hilarious! I didn't take the chunks, but it sounds like something I would do!
    Your elephant...bravo! What a fantastic idea!


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