Friday, June 4, 2010


Meet my new "boy friend"----
Isn't he the handsome one--and he has a flower in his hand for me and a bird in the other one---now that is one great "giving" man---love him already!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the Country shop today--looking for a bird to put by this lighted house--nothing was jumping out at me--till I saw this "guy" one look is all it took to fall head over heels in love--the rest is history!!!!!!

A bom is done for June---yes!!!!
Is this "snail" not the cutest thing????  this is from Tozz's bom club!!!
And I have half of another bom for June stitched!!!!
Also have a couple mini blocks hand stitched for the Irish chain doll quilt--Oh the two links to this is on the side bar!!!!

Also on Little sister's and my travel over town (we went to get some smaller bills for the yard sales tomorrow--but someone "roped" us into stopping at all our favorite shops while on the way to the bank!!!!)
We stopped in at the Quilt shop--she needed solid white for some embroidery work---
BUT  look what I carried home---
I just fell in love with this print--Fall you say!!!!  Hummmm--yep--you are right---but I can look at it for a couple months till then--besides I have to think about what I want to make with it---did you notice the mice peeking out from behind the pumpkins????
I also have learned that if you do not get some of this kind of fabric when you see it--it is not there later---this bolt is almost gone already and she just got it in!!!!

Next stop was on the hill at the Antique shop--Little sister is paying on a dresser there--but look what I came out with---

Two new crocks for plants---but am not sure the tall all brown one may hold some of my old kitchen things in it--will see---I only paid $8.00 for each one!!!!

At Mail call today--these came in---
Found a couple Schnibbles patterns on sale--soooo-----and I have wanted to order some of this trim for awhile now--soooo
and I had to order this months Schnibbles--State Fair--and like always--some fabric got on this order---I really am bad---some one needs to sit on my hands when I get on these fabric sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And to end todays post here is a little petunia we seen growing in a crack in the sidewalk---how cute!!!!

Well it is---that time -- again---SO---
Hugs, Di


  1. I'll sit on your hands if you'll sit on mine!!!!!

    Love all the wonderful goodies - especially the pumpkin fabric!!!!

  2. Yep--I will second that. You must sit on mine too. Love the pumpkins and the soft pastels. I ended up with a couple more charm packs tonight for a couple more tote bags. I was better than usual. Have fun tomorrow--remember though--it all has to fit in your apartment. L,A-

  3. Love your little guy, he is so cute.

    I have not got into the online ordering thing yet. Even though you get some wonderful things.

  4. Ah, love at first sight! Cute, Di.
    Love the fabrics.

  5. What a beautful little BOM. Your fabrics and patterns are also very interesting! I can't walk out of a fabric shop without a bag full of goodies.

  6. Love the pumpkin fabric! I saw those little mice peaking out right away. Adorable!

    I love spotting flowers growing in strange places :)

  7. Wow looks like a fun day, with lots of things to oh and ah over! You're quick to complete your Flirting with Flowers block!! I haven't even picked my fabrics yet!

  8. Love your 'boyfriend'! Too cute :)

  9. Di, that pumpkin fabric is really cute! Might have to get me some of that! Pumpkins and acorns are my favorite things. Snails the little snail you stitched! Great finds on your shopping trip too!

  10. I just finished my State Fair...You will really like that pattern!! Fun, Fast and Easy!!! Enjoy the weekend.


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