Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was in the Christmas mood today---and it has "felt" alittle bit like that time of year---chilly and rainy here --enough that some have had to turn the heat on!!!!

as you know I joined the Christmas Challenge---BUT----was behind---
But I am happy to say that I got one item done today for the Christmas box---oh dear--gotta find a Christmas box!!!!
I also did get this made today---
My Christmas note book---I did not decorate it any more than with just using this cute fabric----I think it makes a "happy holiday" saying all by itself????

And I got an other finish done last night before bed---(course that meant I was up past 1:00 am to do it--but----

this is Aprils schnibbles--it is all done now---
Here is the backing--all hand quilted!!!!
Now I have to decide if I am still going to make one for May---or just go on and do Junes??????

I also did some "new" things for my "new" look here in the apartment--
Here is what my dinning room looked like this morning---
I am not even sure I told you yet that one of the new things I got was an "old" ice cream parlor table and two chairs from the antique shop---very excellent shape and a nice low price--could not let this bargain go by!!!!
So here is what I did today--
Made two new tiers--a new valance--and a new lamp shade cover----
the shade cover is hard to see--it is just a light cream background with a black stripe through it---the real shade under it is pink--but a faded pink---I am going to lower the light to the level of the upper edge of the valance--then it will stand out more and give off even better light I hope!!!!
the fabric I used for the tiers is called--Lovebirds and Butterflies by Dena for Free Spirits---and I thought it was funny when I went to make the valance--which was a piece again I just happened to order for the fun of it and it seemed to go with this better than the blue I had originally picked out and got at the same time as the birds------ How funny--oh--I already said that!!!!!!!!!!!! and this stripe of yellow/cream/black is called Madame Butterfly by Ro Gregg
Yes that is a wood window frame sitting on the table--it used to be over my desk--Little sister thinks it might be nice to have there---Me????  not sure yet!!!!!

Well--I think I hear jingle bells somewhere in the distance--I better go check it out!!!!
Oh it's just Santa practicing with his sleigh and reindeer for this Christmas Eve!!!
I know that between watching him and all my sewing today--I am ready for---
Hugs, Di


  1. You have been so busy. I love your Christmas journal! That fabric is just gorgeous. Happy Christmas crafting.

  2. Love, love, love the journal! Everything is just so charming and cute and fun! Ok...move South so we can hang out and have fun. :)

  3. Love the fabric you chose for your Christmas journal!
    Also, what a fun setting you have done for your dining room. You are very talented! Nola

  4. You should be ready for a nap by now. Your secret is out--you never sleep. L,A-

  5. Lots of lovely goodies you been busy with Di :) Always a pleasure to visit your blog :)

  6. Your Schnibbles turned out nice! And I love what you did to your dining area! SWEET!

  7. You do have an eye for decorating don't you. I love the improvements you've made to your kitche!
    Oh,No not Santa yet. Tell him to go back to the north pole He's got lots of time to practice....Hasn't he?!? I'm definitely no where near ready.


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