Thursday, June 24, 2010

I FELT IT!!!!!!

And it was Not me falling down---I felt the earthquake that Canada had yesterday--it was around 1:45 in the afternoon and I was in my rocker knitting and waiting for Little sister to go over town and my rocker and the wall moved behind me and they were moving in the opposite direction than my rocker is suppose to move---I just there and calmly told myself--Oh we are having an earthquake and kept on stitching!!!!!!!

And last night I was absent because of the weather----One of my "rules" remember is---No computer and No phone talking during thunder storms--and I am sticking to that rule---so if I am "off" the air for a night during the summer 9 out of 10 times it is weather related!!!!!!   

OKAY---now we got "two" days to get caught up on--right????
I actually did this---
Did my two loads of regular wash and finished off the third baby hat---
Then during the "earthquake" I started the fourth one--then Little sister came and we went over town--we needed to go to the Quilt shop---
I just got more of the green checked and then found this neat basic one in the buy one--get one free shelf--so I got two yards of it for my background stash pile!!!!
Then we stopped at the Country shop--Little sister needed a star for her project and I needed another lamb!!!!

Here is where the lamb went--
Remember I had gotten the momma and baby one a while back---I kept thinking another baby one would look cute on the other side of the plant---so I adopted another one!!!
In the course of helping little sister find her star---I actually found one I liked---( I am more of a heart person!!!)
Now look at that---a cute little note pad also flew into my bag??????
Here is the star's new home--
See it on the wall??????  It really looks nice there!!!!
And looky here----that vase of yellow lilies had grown legs and walked out here again!!!  Little sister was surprised--again!!!  But I told here--things like to move around at my house---and I don't really care--just as long as they "clean" up after themselves when they are done!!!!!!!!!
What I think happened is---"my boy friend" wanted to get alittle closer to me!!!!!

HOT HOT MUGGY-- this morning--so had a hard time staying awake and doing anything---did go for a short walk and took some pictures out side that I have wanted to do---
Then I came home and got "smart"--and turned on the AC--dud----Di---that's why it's there is to use when it is soooo muggy out!!!!!!
Had some lunch and then I did  last Saturday's projects--that I did not do---then---
this is the new wicker chair (new to me) that I just got and there is the rocking chair to match it---they had just had them both redone---but me-- and this color--- this time of the year --do not get along!!!!!
Here's the after----I just made some simple covers--using the light green checked--made one for the chair and the rocker--then ----
this bad boy had a turn---
I usually keep a small throw blanket over it---but now look----
really different hu?????  It took a couple trys before I came up with something I liked and that was somewhat "tight" so I wouldn't have to put it back on all time--we will see!!!

Also the last  couple days I have worked hard on hand quilting the State Fair----I only have 3 border strips to hand quilt now--and they are going faster--those 25 blocks in the center took a long time to do---but !!!!!!!!!!!

Well-now I have 2-3 days worth of reading your blog posts and some comments to answer---so I am outta here for now!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Wow--an earthquake and a thunderstorm. Your lamb is very cute and of course I love the cow notepad. Looks and sounds like you have been very busy. Can't wait to see State Fair. L,A-

  2. You felt the earthquake? Now I'm thinking I really better check on my sister who lives in Ottawa. They have the occasional small quake cause they're on the Laurentians but not usually ones that big. Love the green on the chair and stool. It looks so cool (as in not hot) and crisp for summer.

  3. I love the lamb! Looks really cute. And the cushion covers look great, too.

  4. Wow you still got a lot done even with an earthquake...;-)
    We were in MO many years ago and there was tremors from the New Madrid fault. Was weird to say the least!
    Cute! Now your home has a summery feel!
    We have had to run our AC too much!!!!
    Yesterday 104!!!!Did get a tiny bit of rain over night. To be in low 90's today so cooler!!

  5. We don't go on the computer, the phone or touch water during lightening storms. Not taking any chances here.

  6. Hi Di, I checked with daughter in Ottawa. She said the quake shook the glass of wine she was holding,thought she might loose some. That's my girl!!
    Good job on your recovering.Love the star.( I like hearts too)

  7. Little lamb you adopted is most adorable! Love your cushions covers! They turned out great! Oh and of course, the white know I love those!


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