Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I do have to say that the "new look" is coming along--and things are getting done---
First let me show you the "famous" vase of flowers!!!!
what can I say--it just said take me home--but I have learned that not all things that say that to me should be brought home---oh this is a beautiful arrangement--just not sure it fits in -- but I do like it for now on my desk---now as for Little sister--well we won't talk about that!!!
Here is the round table that it was on in the shop--
This wicker table--but trust me it did not go on that table -- look wise--once I got them both here--but--I do like this look----
this is my "summer porch" yep it is inside--no bugs that way!!!!
the Quilt on the wall is my very first one--it went so nice with the rocking chair and everything!!!  when I sit in this chair I see a totally different "view" than from my sewing rocking chair---
Here is the new wicker living room set I got---I will be making new cushion covers---not because they need it--because these were just completely redone for the shop--but because this color is not "ME" ---!!!!!!!  I love the new rocker--and I kept the old glider foot stool and I will be making it a matching cover when I find the fabric for the chairs!!!!!
Now here is the redo on the desk/office area---my laptop is under the little quilt---and yes I also made the cat quilt over the desk!!!!
Now here is a totally "unique" piece of furniture!!!!  the bottom piece is just a desk piece--but that top piece is from on old stove top--see where the plant is--that is round where the stove pipe went up from the stove---we did screw this to the desk so it would not fall over or off!!!!  I have my lamb collection on it--I do need to do something about under the table to hide the cords---maybe tomorrow--and see my new little black rocking chair--I just love that chair!!!

And yes I have been "good" and am stitching in between the decorating--am working on a bom--am nearly done--it is a May one==but one we get late in the month---but -- I did discover I am behind in a few things--but I will just have to work twice as fast this month to catch up and to do the new things I have joined!!!!!

Did everyone have a nice week end???? did you enjoy the extra day?????

I am watching you-----Hugs, Di


  1. Well done--you are such the decorator. Can you come do mine while you are on a roll? First I need to go shopping for some of that cute furniture. L,A-

  2. Love how things are coming. You have made you space so homey and inviting. Nola

  3. Everything looks lovely. Everything looks so cozy!

  4. Everything looks great Di! I think the flowers look good too.

  5. The new "do" is looking good! I love the round table.

  6. Love your new look Di. You have some lovely little quilts and wall hanging too.

    Oh the little rocking chair would be great for my Teddy!!!

  7. Your new furniture is cute. Your apartment is starting to look all summery :)

  8. Love your summer porch!! So cozy... :)


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