Monday, June 21, 2010


Plan A was to go to Ithaca, NY to a quilt shop---
But my "body" was a little "under" the weather--I guess---it just did not want to get going today--my world looked like it was "leaning" in one direction!!! And I did not know how to "fix" it and this guy was of NO help-----


I went to Plan 'B'---
which was ---do what my "head" and body Will let me do---
And gratefully that was that I could do some stitching--

Did get some more hand quilting done on the State Fair quilt--I do try to quilt a couple blocks on this every day!!!

Then I got this Bom finished--
Fruits of the Spirit by Joy and Alice---

And I got the next Snowbound bom done--
Of course I do not sew the buttons on yet--just audition which ones I like then I do this--
And pin them to each block--but I "bet" you already knew "how" to do that??????

I found a book on and ordered it--
And it came today---it cost me only $7 with the shipping which is $3.99--so was a great buy--I think!!!!!
I love that little cupboard on the cover that they have displayed some little quilts in--I will have to keep my  "eyes" out for one!!!!!

I also did some other work in the sewing room---I got the batting and backing ready for the School house Doll quilt--and I worked on the next row of the Round Robin quilt--I am changing it--and adding my own row here--this is the row where the basket row should go---I may still do the basket row--but that will be the next and last row more than likely---Leave to "Di" to want to change something??????

Oh I did go this afternoon to walmart--needed my 'CHOCOLATE' and yes--a couple other food items--did find two nice t-shirts for $3.00 each and somehow they made it home with me!!!!

I forgot today was the first day of Summer--I usually like to go get an ice cream on the first day of summer---sooooo---
So I will have to head to the kitchen and freezer and have another dish of this---
a some bunny has got to finish it up!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. You got lots of sewing done today. It does help to listen to the body now and again. You have earned your chocolate--maybe you should put some in your ice cream!!! L,A-

  2. I love the blocks you have been making. Can't wait to see them all made up :D

  3. Happy Summer sweetness!
    I love your State Fair quilt and the fact you are hand quilting it. It's just gorgeous.
    Have a fun day today.

  4. Sewing has been keeping you very busy, and you've got some beautiful results to show. Lovely work!

  5. I LOVE your State Fair. I even LOVE that you used Swanky!!!

  6. You did get a lot of sewing done today Di.That was my plan but everything went wrong.First a long phone with DD1, then the power went out for hours. When I did sit down and do some sewing I put it together wrong so had to unpick.The curtain fell down when I went to close it.So I gave up.

  7. Gosh I haven't seen a Friendly's since my son (now 30) was young!! What memories.


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