Saturday, June 26, 2010


I did do a little more sleeping---but not a lot!!!  Was in bed by 11pm last night and did not get up til 10am---thought I was doing me and my body some "good"---then later today I was reading a magazine while eating my supper and read an article that said--"more than 8 hours at a time is not good for you----"
Oh my--here I was thinking that I was being "good" and now I find out I was being "bad"---go figure!!!!!!!!

I did get the rest of the hand quilting done on the State Fair---now to sew on the binding!!!!  But this has been the only sewing I did today!!

Did do some housework--but it was nice---I just took my time and did what ever I found to do---cleaned up the kitchen---(no moppy the floor--think Alice, or Joy or someone said they would come by and do it for me---I am sure I heard that!!!)

After supper I did take a walk--to take some pictures -- but only got a couple before the battery gave out---and the "bad" part is---I knew it was getting low and that I needed to change it---oh--well!!!!
Some wild daisy's out side our fence--took with the regular range lens--
Retook with the longest setting on the camera---I like this picture!!!

managed to get two more pictures--of boats--
Then that was that---so just walked around and looked at things---no ducks tonight--which was good as the camera was 'dead'!!!!!!

Well--been playing around for awhile and did some blog hoppin---time for a dish of ice cream---mint chocolate chip---the other one is alllll goneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hugs, Di
PS  someone is practicing for next week ends fireworks by the sounds of things outside tonight!!!!


  1. Woo Hoo,you finally got some chunks. yep, I will send my housekeeper right over to do the floor--ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha. She has to do mine first. L,A-

  2. Did you get chunks in this one? The boat pics turned out nice. Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Wow,Someone was practicing with firecrackers here last evening about 10pm when I took the dogs out before bed. Maybe we live closer than we think.hehehehe

  4. I like your daisies close-up through the fence, too! And were there any chocolate chips in your mint chocolate chip ice cream? And the extra sleep is good for you - just not every day, so you're okay!

  5. I like the daisies in the fence picture too.

    I love mint chip ice cream :)

  6. Love the boat pictures especially. As far as sleeping I think our bodies give us what we need. If I've been up early for 3 or 4 mornings then I tend to sleep more than eight hours another day... more like 12 or something which definately isn't good. I feel horrible when I wake up if I sleep that late.

  7. That was Alice who said she'd mop your floors, not me.. or I could send Elizabeth over, she likes mopping :)

  8. Oh Di, you need to frame those boat pictures. They're Bee-U-Tee-FUL.

  9. Hoping this carton has lots of chips since you got jipped on the chunks! hee,hee,hee.


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