Monday, June 28, 2010

OH DEAR----I GOOFED!!!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT my stitchery--it is the one from the Red Brolly site for this month!!!


Have NO fear---mine is done---
But a "funny" thing happened today as I was finishing it up--or thought I was finished----
I stopped to look at it and thought--boy are those "flowers" plain---
Then I relooked at the pattern--and seen what I was NOT done yet----
So---I found the right color blue thread---
and now doesn't this look much better????
I used a peach color on his blanket--and a grey for the chair---wanted a little different colors so all the blocks won't blend in together when we are finished---doesn't Brutus look happy now??????

And I did get the binding machine stitched to the State Fair quilt--so tomorrow I will get it tacked down and then pictures of it!!!!

I also have started the "Grace" bom by Val for this month--Kindness--and then I just have the Bouquet one to do of Jenny's and I am done for the month---
UNTIL---I remember something else I need to do---like hand quilt the doll quilt---ah--finish the top of Charming challenge---do last weeks jelly roll block and work on the round robin rows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well now---there is no time to get into trouble by the sounds of this list??????

I was a 'good' girl and did do my walk tonight---
and here is some pictures to prove it!!!!!!
I "thought" these little pine trees were 'cute' the way they are growing in a tight circle!!
Thought this was a neat picture of a reflection of the sky in the water!!!
Found just one momma and one baby tonight--
But this baby was having a ball--
He was all over the place---
This momma has some blue feathers on her--wonder if the baby will have some when it gets full grown!!!!!

And a lily picture from my garden--we had some heavy--and much needed rain last night and this afternoon---I love how the rain drops still cling to the petals of the flower!!!!

A friend has a cat that needs a home---AM I looking for a cat??????
It was used to being outdoors---but now has no desire to go out---
But will it eat all my house plants?????
Oh---I hate making decisions!!!!!
They always look so sweet and innocence when you line them up--
and they are sleeping--- but------

Well you all be good tomorrow and happy stitching---
Hugs, Di


  1. Brutus looks very happy, well done Di.

    Oh the kittens look cute but it is a big commitment. They can live for up to 23yrs or longer.

  2. I have a feeling you will finish everything on your list. You still have two whole days left. The duckling is so cute. L,A-

  3. Your stitchery looks great. He sure does look happy ;)

  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cute kitties. Happy quilting.
    ~ Julie

  5. Get the cat! Get the cat! Get the cat! Can you tell I think you should get the cat?? hee,hee,hee.

  6. I've always loved cats. We haven't had one for a few years and the family wants another cat in the house. I'm hesitant for two reasons. My first big one is my asthma and allergies. I'm allergic to cats and even though I love them I don't think I could handle one in the house. Second, I don't really want to be picking dog hair and cat hair out of my quilts lol. Cats love to lay all over fabric and quilts.

  7. Here Kitty Kitty, is what I say :) Maybe you should put a poll button on your blog.. we'll vote! Cute project, and adorable pics. Good for you for taking a walk.. I NEED to also!! :) -Tammy


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