Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here is 'Miss B' with the new doll  quilt--she went from the rocking chair to the garden today--she must of decided the plants needed some extra loving--that is ok with me--I don't "chain" my critters down--- Only in the middle of the afternoon as I was working on hand quilting "April's Schnibbles"--I thought I heard some "whispering"--but I kept my head down and kept stitching--wanting to get it done--but then I was sure I seen something move--so I looked up and seen this--
'Dolly' was sitting there on the step talking to the plants with the new quilt on her lap--and back in the rocker was 'Miss B'---guess, that 'Miss B' decided to share her quilt--later she told me--that the dolly quilt did look better with 'Dolly' and maybe the next one would go better with her dress---OR--maybe I would make her a more country style dress!!!!  Critters are funny aren't they????
Oh and 'Dolly' wanted you all to see the back of the quilt--
I used another Civil war print here!!!

Talk about things moving around---my vase of flowers got misplaced again---heard Little sister laughing yesterday when she used my "lady's room"--so I asked her what was so funny and she said that vase of flowers---that's when I realized it had walked off again--
Here it is on the back of the "john"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I will have to start "gluing" things down around here!!!????? 

I am happy to report one more finish---
The Sentimental Journey block is done for June--see the blue trim---
It is one of the new ones I just got in--It is so neat and just went with the colors on this block so well---I also got this in the red and have a couple projects to trim with that color---when I get them stitched!!!!!


Yes we will have a Fall challenge this year instead of a Christmas one---I am still working out the details--and I will be "gentle" with every one---so for June your homework is---
1. Buy some fall fabrics and / or some fall colors of wool felt---I am going to do one of my projects in the wool felt!!!  Or dig out your fall stash and see what you have to use from last year
2. find your UFO's from last year or 10 years ago and see what you need to finish them
3. find your fall patterns or order them
4. Be sure to check on your colors of thread --fall has those certain colors that we often do not use during the rest of the year--so we get already to work and no thread in the right colors!!!
5. Watch my posts for more news and when to sign up--will try to have the rest of the details done by the first of next week--but the challenge won't start til July 1st--

Here is today's garden picture--yep--it can get a little "squirrelly" around here!!!

Be good and keep warm--seems alot of "us" around blog land are seeing "cool" temps-
but--for us quilters and probably gardener's it is great weather!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. Cute quilt--no wonder the critters are fighting over it. I think I am very ready supply wise for the Fall challenge, but I am very glad you are not starting until July. VERY!!! L,A-

  2. Miss B and Miss Dolly are very kind keeping your plants happy! My "helpers" seem to knock things over..

  3. Goody goody!! A challenge!! Just what we need ... hee heee! I'm with Alice, glad it doesn't start till July!!!
    Lots of activity at your place, if I was there I'd be trying to snuggle under the doll quilt too :)

  4. Lucky Teddy to get such a cute little quilt.

  5. Cute quilt, I also like the flower vase where it is.Okay for the fall challenge,but I maybe a bit behind others. August is better for me. Projects would be rushed for thanksgiving I suppose.
    You're our leader and we MUST obey.hehehe


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